Competency Management

Balance Your Talent Programs

Imagine a mobile like the one you'd hang above a baby's crib but instead of toys, from each of the strings hangs one of your talent programs: Training, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Succession Planning, and so on. If you pull on any one of these pieces, the entire mobile moves and your programs can quickly go out of balance.

  • Why does that matter?

    Why does that matter?

    Incorporating a set of competencies into your talent management systems can provide balance, stability, and alignment for all your talent programs. Competencies set a consistent plan for the future and answer three important questions:

    • What skills do your employees possess now?
    • What skills will your employees need to accomplish your company’s strategic future plans?
    • How will you address any competency gaps?
  • What are Competencies?

    What are Competencies?

    Competency Management

    Competencies are sets of skills, abilities, knowledge, and behaviors needed for successful job performance. Your company’s business goals and culture provide the context to define key job competencies. In turn, your competencies provide the framework for employee training and development.

  • The Measurable Benefits

    The Measurable Benefits

    Improve business performance by defining both core and leadership competencies. When you recognize and apply competencies, you can make better hiring decisions, enable employee growth, improve leadership development focus, and bolster succession management strategies.

MRA can save you time, money, and frustration by helping to build your talent plans around competencies. Contact MRA’s Organization Development professionals at 800.488.4845 or

WECC involved MRA to facilitate our process to determine organizational core competencies as part of our succession planning strategy. Competencies became our way to optimize performance and develop talent throughout the organization. MRA’s advisor, Deb Schultz, did an excellent job complementing our leadership team by supporting us through knowledge sharing, tools and perspectives, both practical and strategic.

Director of Human Resources, WI. Energy Conservation Corporation

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