Training at Your Location

Need ongoing training to develop your employees and grow your business?

  • Training At Your Location

    Training — At Your Location

    Exactly the Training You Want, When and Where You Want It

    MRA onsite programs are taught by business professionals who are experts in training. Your training will focus on application—translating information to actions—and on behavior changes that immediately impact business performance.

    Why Choose MRA Onsite Training?

    Because onsite training means you can...

    • Choose from hundreds of training programs or targeted sessions to advance your business objectives.
    • Train anywhere, any shift, and all group sizes.
    • Specify your location and time.
    • Develop key competencies across the team simultaneously.
    • Motivate trainees to practice desired behaviors through group accountability.

    And if you need a space to hold your training, consider renting space in an MRA Conference Center.

  • C-YOU

    Create Your Own University

    C-You Logo

    That’s why MRA created C-YOU™, a learning and development program where you Create Your Own University™ for your company!

    With C-YOU, we do all the work for you!

    Our learning and development experts create a currriculum by department and position for your Company University.

    Simply plug our programs into your current training system, or let MRA handle registrations for you.

    Why Create Your Own University?

    Training helps attract and retain talent.

    • Job candidates rank employee development one of their top four reasons when choosing a new employer.
    • MRA members say their Company University helped secure more quality hires, faster.

    C-YOU saves you time and money!

    • MRA’s scheduled programs at our facilities, or training at your location(s), are economical when compared to other offerings in the marketplace.
    • Our learning and development and organization development experts help you create the highest quality curriculum at a fraction of the cost, and it’s delivered by hands-on, in-the-trenches leaders.
    • C-YOU reduces staff time away from the office, and provides greater productivity when learning takes place on site, or in the convenience of our facilities.

MRA Creates a Learning University

One of our MRA members is a leader in the public accounting industry. They contacted MRA, wanting to create a comprehensive leadership learning and development curriculum for all members of their staff.

C-YOU Case Study Cover

Check out the variety of courses you can use to create your own university. Print or download our suggested course offerings to select the courses you want for your curriculum.

MRA helped us create a C-YOU with their outstanding team of trainers. Now all Ellsworth supervisors and managers, all the way up to the C-Suite, participate in our C-YOU program.

Erica Roberts, Ellsworth Corporation

Unlocking Retention and Recruitment

Is there a secret combination that unlocks employee recruitment and retention challenges? "You can have the best products in the world, but if you don’t have the right people, the company as a whole won’t succeed," says Master Lock’s Sr. Director of Global Human Resources, Luther Willems.

Master Lock Case Study

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