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Good business decisions require specific answers to your important questions. With custom research surveys from MRA, designed around your unique objectives, you get the information you need to take the right action.

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Our expert survey team works closely with you from beginning to end to deliver actionable results on topics such as:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement
  • Turnover
  • Retention
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Hot topics
  • Board of Directors

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Custom Surveys Case Studies

  • Satisfaction Survey -- Net Promoter Score Analytics

    It’s All About Your Net Promoters


    A national retail organization wanted additional feedback on whether their employees encouraged others to consider seeking employment with the retailer or promoted the organization’s brand and products. The retailer also needed another avenue to obtain employee input, in addition to its biennial employee engagement survey.  


    MRA developed a custom research survey to gather additional employee feedback. The research aligned with the retailer's biennial employee engagement survey. MRA asked targeted questions to better understand how employees felt about their work and the organization and their likelihood to recommend the organization to others. 


    The company used MRA as a reliable, objective third-party business partner to design, administer, analyze, report, present, and recommend next steps for frequency in surveying employees and producing Net Promoter Score © analytics.

  • Competitive Compensation for Shift Differentials

    Compensation Components Win in a Competitive Recruiting Situation


    A manufacturer in a specific geographic area needed to adopt a variety of work schedules to help meet the competitive environment for local talent. The organization was seeking specific compensation data regarding shift differentials.


    MRA created a custom-designed survey to assess manufacturing shift practices to understand the most common shifts and pay practices offered in that select market. 


    The survey provided shift practices and detailed insight for the manufacturer's planning purposes. MRA analyzed the results, created infographic reports showing the analytics, and presented the report to the organization.

  • Assessing Talent Preparedness

    Pipeline and Actions to Prepare for a Talent Shortage


    A consortium of industry organizations wanted to gather, analyze, and share data that would be informative to address future talent challenges and collective strategic efforts. The pipeline of candidates who met the full spectrum of requirements, from career interest to industry knowledge, and training and development, was almost nonexistent.


    The organizations needed to collect data on an ongoing basis for a wide range of talent and total rewards-related issues so that they could gauge and plan options to address the level of concern for the talent shortage in their industry. An MRA custom-designed survey provided their industry with the information they needed for further analysis and recommendations.


    MRA developed the research plan and designed and administered a hosted survey solution, which the group of cohorts agreed was the most cost-effective and efficient approach to meet their data requirements. MRA aggregated and summarized the data and reported results visually through infographics and pertinent data representations. MRA also provided a comprehensive analysis that incorporated recommendations and next steps. The results and conclusions were presented formally to the organizations' leaders for consideration and further actions to address the talent shortage.

  • Executive Compensation

    Gathering Internal Business Intel


    Core business entities of a large corporation wanted to know and compare total reward package components for specific executive positions.The organization lacked comprehensive internal compensation and benefits data to correlate strategically with external benchmarking and best practice approaches.


    The organization needed robust research and compensation data that could be turned around quickly to complement data already contained in the corporation’s human resource systems.    


    MRA designed, programmed, and administered an online, all-inclusive compensation and benefits questionnaire to obtain the data needed. After analyzing the results, MRA reported the final data in a visually appealing manner to executive leadership. MRA also incorporated additional data analytics to further contribute to and enhance the analysis.

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GO Riteway uses MRA to administer our annual employee engagement and customer service surveys. Both confidential surveys, the MRA brand ensures our employees and customers that their responses will be handled discreetly. The format is user friendly and we get excellent response rates. MRA compiles annual results by business unit comparing year over year performance by question. The data is invaluable to our effort to identify the topics that are most important to our employees and customers. The surveys are used to kick off conversations around continuous improvement that get incorporated into our planning process. We value MRA as our survey and research partner.

Bob Zanotti
President, GO Riteway

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