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  • How do I participate in MRA surveys?
    • Invitations to participate in surveys are emailed to the Designated Survey Contact at member companies. The email contains instructions and a link to the online questionnaire.
    • The Survey Contact is chosen by the Primary Contact for your MRA membership. If you are not sure who your contact is or need to make changes, please call 800.488.4845 ext. 3508.
    • Some organizations have made special arrangements with MRA so their members can participate in MRA surveys.
  • What if there is an open survey and I haven’t received an invitation?

    Please contact us if you have not received information on an open survey or if you have any questions about survey participation. Check the survey links here.

  • How do I access the results of a survey?

    Log in to MRA’s website and click on the "Surveys" tab at the top of your account dashboard.

  • What if I want a special cut of data?

    MRA wants you to have the data you need to make conclusions. You can call us for a quick data run OR use our On-Demand Salary Tool on select surveys to choose the data cuts you need (and run a report).

  • What if I am not a member? Can I still purchase results?

    Yes. MRA has specific guidelines and prices for members and nonmembers, participants and nonparticipants. Please go to the Surveys page to check prices.

  • What is the advantage of having a third party conduct Compensation and Benefit surveys?

    Anti-Trust guidelines counsel organizations to use a third party for Compensation and Benefits Surveys. Because there are no vested interests, the focus is on reporting key metrics while protecting the confidentiality of all parties. Third parties also tend to be subject experts capable of providing a larger context and comparison for important insights.

  • Can I share results with other organizations?

    MRA surveys are not to be used commercially or for any purposes other than those that pertain to the internal planning of the purchasing organization.

    • When joining MRA, your organization designates a "Survey Contact" for purposes of receiving survey communications (invitations, reminders, and report announcements). This individual has authorization to receive confidential compensation, benefit, and business trend data.
    • Whenever survey data is requested, MRA confirms that the individual requesting the information is the Survey Contact (or an authorized contact).
    • These procedures are in place to protect our member organizations. Our members trust MRA with confidential compensation information and we want you to be confident on how MRA handles this data.
    • If you are not the survey contact, MRA will need to receive authorization from the Survey Contact. This can be done by either having the Survey Contact contacting us directly or we will be happy to connect with that individual for you.
    • Questions? Call 800.488.4845 ext. 3508
  • Who conducts MRA’s surveys for member organizations?

    MRA has a dedicated team of survey analysts. We conduct our own surveys from listening to member input, through designing, writing and analyzing questionnaires, to presenting results. We welcome member feedback any time to improve or initiate new surveys.

  • Where do I find a survey purchase form?

    You can purchase reports by each individual survey result.

  • What is “EAA” and what are the National surveys?

    The Employer Associations of America (EAA) consists of employer organizations across the United States working together to provide you with the very best HR services. We work together on national surveys to make sure you have the most robust, high quality data. You can find these surveys here.

  • What if I need more advisor-like assistance with planning?

    There are many professionals at MRA who would be glad to assist you, including compensationHR professionals, recruiting, and member relations. Please call for a recommendation 800.488.4845.

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