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Employee Handbooks/Policies

The framework for your company’s success


A well-written handbook:

  • Helps orient new employees to your guidelines and culture
  • Communicates consistent, clearly defined, and compliant guidelines and important information
  • Answers common questions about pay, time off, benefits, etc.
  • Serves as an employee relations tool and provides guidance for problem solving
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Save time and maximize the impact and effectiveness of your employee handbook

1. Handbook Review

Our pros evaluate your current materials for content, clarity, HR best practices, and tone. Topics are also reviewed against current federal, state, and local requirements. With the help of technology, we'll annotate your current handbook so you can easily review comments and suggestions. When applicable, you’ll receive informational articles and sample language to complete your handbook.

2. Handbook Development

Our experts design and develop an entirely new handbook that incorporates current standards, trends, and best practices. You’ll receive a clean draft that reflects the tone and culture of your company. You'll have the opportunity to make final changes and adjustments before distributing to your employees.

3. Create-a-Handbook Template

Purchase this template to create your own handbook with a wide array of topics to select. Note: None of template contents may be considered legal advice and your organization holds all responsibility for its content and any follow-up. 

The Essential Topics to Include in Your Employee Handbook

If you are updating your company’s handbook policies, view MRA’s short video for helpful tips.

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