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Is your payroll being managed accurately and in a compliant and timely manner?

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    Payroll is a fundamental business function that can cost a company thousands of dollars when not done properly. From payroll audits to administration and support, MRA’s experienced payroll professionals can help you prevent costly payroll mistakes.

    Our payroll professionals provide timely support and help with your payroll challenges or questions. By developing clear, streamlined procedures for your payroll function, we help reduce your company’s compliance risk.

    Services Overview

    • In-Depth Payroll Audit
    • Payroll Administration
    • Interim Payroll Support
    • Payroll Software Partnership
    • Best Practice Guidance


    • Let us be your expert! Payroll administration support is available with experienced payroll professionals using many leading systems.
    • Member-only pricing for payroll software through our partnership with Paylocity.
    • Hands-on support provided by knowledgeable and experienced payroll professionals.
    • Onsite and remote support available.
  • Payroll Audit

    In-depth Payroll Audit

    Payroll Audits Fines

    Payroll updates and changing regulations make compliance challenging for HR and payroll professionals. One of the best ways to maintain compliance is to conduct regular payroll audits to ensure processes and systems are configured correctly. Regulations governing taxes, employment, and data privacy carry legal and financial consequences for noncompliance. Payroll audits confirm payroll accuracy, identify weak links in payroll processing, and ensure that compensation procedures and policies minimize risk. They also cross-check previous audit findings to ensure they were addressed and can identify fraud issues.

    MRA’s payroll audits are objective and include extensive analysis and discovery into processes and compliance issues. Through the audit, we examine your payroll’s transaction life cycle and the payroll process as a whole, uncovering areas of concern and providing recommendations.

    Compliance, accuracy, and efficiency can be improved and optimized with regular audits.

    Audit Overview

    MRA’s experienced payroll professionals can conduct a payroll audit to ensure your business is keeping accurate, up-to-date records and following applicable payroll laws. The objective of the onsite payroll audit is to evaluate the internal and business environment surrounding payroll to ensure that internal controls are in place and the payroll process operates efficiently and effectively.

    The Audit Report

    Following the audit, you’ll receive a comprehensive written report, which serves as a roadmap to optimize your payroll processes. The report includes:

    • A review of scope and methodology
    • Findings and an action plan specific to your company
    • Ready-to-use sample templates and policies
    • Reference materials related to recommendations

    Reasons to Conduct a Payroll Audit

    • Strengthen your financial controls
    • Maintain accuracy and compliance
    • Verify employment records
    • Examine payroll liabilities
    • Eliminate waste and fraud
    • Verify employment expenses
  • Payroll Administration

    Payroll Administration

    MRA's HR Business Partners Video

    Our experienced payroll professionals can help you process your payroll. Whether you need short-term support, are currently recruiting for payroll personnel, or would like to have a third-party process your payroll – we have the solution for you!

    We work to understand your organization, your employees involved with the payroll function, and your payroll strategy. Our collaborative approach helps ensure we meet your expectations and offloads the burden that your payroll is processed efficiently and timely.

    Whenever or However You Need Us:

    • Project-based or ongoing
    • Onsite or remote

    Top 5 Payroll Errors Companies Should Avoid

    1. Misclassifying workers
    2. Not paying overtime correctly
    3. Failure to compensate nonexempt employees for training
    4. Not compensating employees for time spent receiving treatment for work-related injuries
    5. Not compensating employees for time spent at required functions
  • Payroll Software Partnership

    Payroll Software Partnership

    Paylocity Logo

    If you are looking to replace or implement new payroll software in your company, MRA Members who newly implement with Paylocity are eligible for a discounted rate when referred by MRA. Paylocity’s online software is designed to simplify everyday payroll and HR tasks, all while cutting costs and saving time.

    Paylocity provides a unified product suite backed by innovation, HR expertise, and best-in-class service. With Paylocity you can revolutionize the way you do expenses, the way your employees access their paystubs online, and so much more!

    Benefits of Using Paylocity

    • Mobile functionality
    • Web pay (time and labor tracking)
    • Custom reports
    • Simplified features to manage tax and HR compliance
    • Tax filing services

    Contact Samantha Siebenaller at [email protected] for more information.

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