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Engage in trending, relevant, and focused discussion as you cultivate valuable partnerships with your colleagues in a confidential forum. Participating in MRA Roundtables enhances your professional growth while producing positive results for your company and your team.

Roundtable Facilitators: Kristie and Andy

MRA Roundtables: From a Facilitator's Perspective

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Solidify your network with peers from a variety of industries, as you brainstorm new ideas and discuss challenges that you face on a daily basis.

MRA Roundtables are led by expert facilitators who ensure each session is an effective and efficient use of your time. Respected for their skill to distill substantive meeting content, our facilitators are committed to enhancing the professional growth of each participant.

Earn HRCI recertification credits and SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs) by joining an MRA Roundtable. Recertification credits and PDCs may be earned for each HR Roundtable session attended.

MRA Roundtables Provide Business & Career Benefits:

  • Gain professional knowledge and insight that benefits your organization.
  • Share current and trending best practices with your business peers.
  • Make better decisions and gain broader perspective.
  • Increase valuable networking relationships.
  • Accelerate your professional career development.

Find a Roundtable

  • HR Roundtables

    HR Roundtables

    Give us 90 minutes a month and we’ll give you an incredibly rewarding roundtable experience.

    Join your professional peers in a confidential forum to share thoughts and experiences on tactics/strategy, performance/productivity, and execution. Compelling content is selected by roundtable participants prior to each meeting. Topic examples include benefits, recruiting, hiring and onboarding, employee development and engagement, performance management, retention and more! Facilitation by an MRA professional means a focused and robust dialog. You’ll leave each meeting with greater insight and takeaways you can implement immediately.

    View the 2023/2024 HR Roundtable Groups:

    Illinois Iowa/Western Illinois Minnesota Ohio Wisconsin


    This group of employee benefits managers and professionals gather quarterly to discuss the top issues organizations face with their suite of benefit programs, including sharing insights and best practices, and staying informed on current trends.


    A forum for comp managers and HR professionals who focus on compensation as part of their job responsibilities. Discussions center around the latest comp trends, best practices, and much more!

    HR Generalist/Manager

    Designed for experienced professionals responsible for day-to-day HR operations and who may also have direct reports. Meet to discuss the latest HR trends, issues and challenges you face, and share best practices with your peers.

    HR Support

    Created for individuals who support HR departments or leaders. This group of HR professionals gather to share experiences and learn from one another as they develop in their HR role.

    Small Company HR

    Do you find yourself wearing many hats, including HR, in a company of 50 or fewer employees? Find peer support in this roundtable for the unique challenges and opportunities of smaller businesses.

    Solo HR

    An HR department of one has its own unique challenges. Join other sole HR practitioners of companies with 50 to 100 employees to discuss the issues that only you face on a daily basis.

    Talent Acquisition

    Established for those responsible for recruiting and talent acquisition (TA). This roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss challenges and best practices, share experiences and insights, and strategize with your peers to optimize your TA efforts.

  • Professional Roundtables

    Professional Roundtables

    The professional roundtable season begins each September, but new participants are welcome to join throughout the season at a pro-rated amount.

    View the 2023 Professional Roundtable Groups:

    Illinois Iowa/Western Illinois Minnesota Ohio Wisconsin

    Accounts Payable

    This group of accounts payable managers, supervisors, and practitioners meets quarterly to share best practices and stay informed on current A/P issues, technology, and trends.

    Customer Service

    As a customer service manager, you and your staff are on the front line of customer interactions every day. And those interactions not only define how customers view your organization but how they conduct business with you. Meet with a group of your peers to discuss issues and share best practices on topics such as managing difficult direct reports, key performance indicators, and how to motivate and engage staff.

    Emerging Leader

    Designed for new and emerging leaders. This roundtable will provide facilitated discussions on many of the challenges new leaders face, including budgeting, communications, managing people, project planning and delegation, stress management, and conflict resolution. Build your knowledge base and peer network as you grow into a successful leader.

    Labor Relations

    Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have limited experience with labor and employee relations, you’ll find it valuable to participate in this roundtable. Learn what other companies are doing and hear from the experts on key labor relations issues, including productivity, quality, teamwork, handling grievances, arbitrations, and contract negotiations.

    Leadership Excellence

    As an experienced leader, gather with your peers from various industries to discuss topics such as effective coaching techniques, crisis management, motivation, time management skills, performance metrics, emotional intelligence, and increasing employee morale. Learn, share best practices, and enhance your skills with leaders just like you.

    Learning and Development

    Learning and development managers and professionals meet to share experiences and learn how others are developing training programs that are generating measurable results.

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    Manufacturing Professionals

    Meet with general managers, owners, and others responsible for the daily operations of a manufacturing plant. Share insights and discuss topics that you deal with on a daily basis including employee safety, OSHA, and how to recruit and hire the best people for your organization.


    This group of payroll managers, supervisors and practitioners meet quarterly to stay informed on current payroll issues and trends and to share best practices in a confidential environment.

    Quality Professionals

    Join your process improvement professional peers at this roundtable. Discuss relevant topics such as supplier impact on business, risk management, KPIs, metrics/COQ, automating processes, and future vision of quality departments.


    This roundtable meets every other month for a two-hour discussion. Learn from your safety professional peers on topics such as plant and cyber security, OSHA updates, ergonomics, compliance, and audits as they relate to environment, health, and safety issues.

    Sales Managers

    For two hours every other month, sales managers meet to discuss issues, challenges, and best practices. Potential topics include forecasting and metrics, prospecting, CRMs, customer relations, team building, compensation structures, and performance management.

    Technology Professionals

    IT professionals and managers meet with their peers to share best practices and stay informed on current IT issues and trends. Discussions focus on topics such as user experience, Help Desk ticketing and metrics, asset/inventory management, vendor selection/SLAs, disaster recovery, and cyber security.

  • Executive/Senior Roundtables

    Executive/Senior Roundtables

    These executive and senior-level roundtables focus on critical conversations within small peer groups.

    Due to the sensitive nature of discussion in these groups, potential candidates are screened for competitive conflict with current participants before joining. Executive Roundtables run on an annual calendar and new participants are welcome to join throughout the year at a pro-rated amount. For additional information, please complete the Let's Talk! form below.

    View the 2024 Executive Roundtable Groups:

    Illinois Iowa/Western Illinois Minnesota Ohio Wisconsin


    This regional group of Chief Diversity Officers and senior diversity & inclusion leaders meets quarterly to share ideas and current trends, exchange best practices, and advance ideas to help transform and sustain workplace cultures of inclusion and improve diversity and inclusion in the community. Enrollment in this roundtable includes complimentary registration at MRA's annual Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Conference.


    Tap into the knowledge and experience of your peers as you shape this roundtable with your unique background and big picture challenges. This roundtable is designed specifically for CEOs, Owners, Presidents, and Executive Directors.


    For senior leaders who oversee the financial activities of an entire organization, you’ll always learn something at this roundtable as you cover pertinent topics such as cash management, reporting to stakeholders, compensation, and the evolution of the CFO role.

    Senior Financial

    Join a group of your peers who “understand” as you cover topics such as training and development for accounting staff, innovation in products, processes and strategies, managing expenses, and the value of outsourcing and automation. This roundtable is designed for controllers, top managerial and financial professionals who are responsible for all accounting-related activities within an organization.

    Executive HR

    This roundtable is designed for the senior most HR person in larger companies of any industry (for profit & not for profit). Your responsibilities include championing recruitment, retention strategies, comp & benefits planning, health insurance planning, organizational development strategies, retirement programs, and internal engagement surveys.

    Senior HR

    This roundtable is for the seasoned HR professional who understands the business as a whole and influences the overall organization, designs and plans – rather than implements HR policy. You are part of the management team with years of progressive and increasingly complicated HR experience, and have ultimate accountability in the HR department.

    Marketing Director

    The pace of change in today’s marketing world continues to increase, making it challenging for marketing professionals to keep up with the latest innovations and strategies. Here’s your opportunity to share insights and learn from peers in an environment that fosters discussion, ideas, and solutions for today’s evolving marketing strategies. Potential topics may include branding, digital and video marketing, using social media for prospecting, and marketing automation.

  • Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRP)

    Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRP)

    SHRP offers a unique learning experience exclusive to MRA member companies. The season runs from fall to spring and includes eight monthly luncheon meetings at several locations in the Milwaukee area. The $400 membership fee offers incredible value for professional learning, a catered lunch, and the opportunity to network and develop relationships with your HR peers in the Milwaukee Metro area. Don't miss this opportunity to:

    • Enhance your knowledge on the latest HR topics
    • Make valuable connections in your community
    • Earn HRCI and SHRM credit for each program attended

    SHRP Membership fee: $400/season

    2023/2024 Schedule

    General Meeting Information:
    Eight month season runs from fall to spring. Meetings held on the 2nd Thursday of the month. You may enroll at any point during the season at a prorated amount.

    11:30am –12:30pm – Presentation
    12:30 – 1:00pm – Networking Lunch

    Substitutes are encouraged. Members are welcome to bring a guest for an additional $60 per meeting.

    Enroll Now!

Accommodations and Special Requests

Please contact us at 800.488.4845 or [email protected] in advance for any accommodations, special requests, or dietary needs. Nursing mothers, please ask the MRA representative at the front desk or the program instructor to show you our private area. Food and beverages provided at conferences, programs, and Roundtables will vary. If you have any special dietary needs (gluten-free, vegetarian, allergies, etc.), please contact the MRA location in advance, so we can provide an appropriate meal.

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