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  • Learn About MRA Surveys

    Learn About MRA Surveys

    MRA Surveys provide insights to help you compete, stay informed, and attract and maintain the talent you need. MRA Surveys are respected in the marketplace for having  credible, high-quality data, which is a result of our strong partnerships with members and survey participants. MRA's comprehensive survey reports or select cuts of data give you the metrics you need. MRA's Total Rewards team can help you:

    • Benchmark one job or conduct an entire compensation review
    • Analyze job descriptions, industries, and different size organizations
    • Determine how your benefit package stands up compared to the competition
    • Develop the Talent Management Program and Talent Rewards Package you need
    • Review the latest in HR business trends to stay current

    MRA Survey Jobs

  • Survey Dashboard

    Your MRA Survey Dashboard

    Log into your dashboard to locate questionnaire links, final reports, and access our interactive data analytics. Click the gray "Surveys" tab near the top.

    Participate in Surveys:

    Click "Not Started" or "In Process" link, to participate in any of the open surveys.

    MRA member participants receive free reports plus access to our interactive data analytics.

    View Survey Reports:

    Download the report PDF and access On-Demand and MRAPay (if available).

    Purchase Survey Results:

    Purchase your survey reports.

    Visit Dashboard

  • Survey Participation

    Survey Participation

    Thank you for your interest and participation in MRA surveys!

    Known for local, regional, and national employee-matched, employer reported data--you can be confident your organization is making vital business decisions based on solid, high quality, market data.

    Earn HRCI recertification credit and SHRM Professional Development Credit (PDC) through MRA survey participation. Learn More

    2022 Survey Calendar:

    Don't miss your opportunity to participate in MRA Surveys!

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    MRA JobMatch:

    MRA now offers a tool to help you match jobs! Quickly and easily search and match your organization’s job titles to MRA’s surveys.

    Quick Guide   Learn More

    Compensation Input Form Video Demo:

    A quick demonstration on how to report your compensation data.

    Video Demo

  • Scheduled Surveys

    MRA's Scheduled Surveys

    Your organization matters. MRA counts on your participation in providing vital survey input. The more organizations that participate, the more reliable and representative the results! MRA member participants receive the final results for free.

    Compensation Surveys:

    Policy & Benefit Surveys:

    Industry Surveys:

    Business Trend Surveys:

  • Interactive Data Analytics

    Interactive Data Analytics

    Online survey tools provide the exact data you need to make informed business decisions. Access from your dashboard when you participate. These tools are available for the following surveys:

    • Industrial & Production Trades Survey
    • Benchmark Compensation Survey
    • Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits Survey
    • Healthcare Compensation
    • National IT & Engineering Compensation

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    Compare your organization’s compensation to MRA’s current, reliable, employer sourced data instantly.

    Quick Guide  Video Demo

    On-Demand Salary Tool Logo Small

    On-Demand Salary Tool:

    Make the tailored data cuts you need with the option to age the data, plus flexible exporting capabilities.

    Quick Guide  Video Demo

  • Hot Topic Surveys

    Hot Topic Surveys

    Hot Topic Surveys Logo

    MRA’s Hot Topic Surveys offer the latest pulse on pivotal issues and trends impacting businesses, by addressing unique areas of interest or concern for business owners. Our surveys deliver aggregate data compiled into summarized format. MRA is committed to providing key insights and takeaways for you to apply in your workplace, gauge the impact on your business, and help you make more informed business decisions. We encourage you to participate and harness one of the many benefits of MRA membership:

    • Brief 5-10 questions
    • Timely
    • Relevant
    • Insightful
    • Thought provoking

    View Hot Topic Surveys

  • Custom Surveys & Business Research

    Custom Surveys & Business Research

    MRA offers custom research designed around your unique needs. Our services range from questionnaire consultation and programming to reports and in-person presentations. We’re experts in scoping projects to meet your objectives, timing, and budget parameters.

    Our expert survey team works closely with you from beginning to end to deliver actionable results on topics such as:

    • Compensation
    • Benefits
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Employee engagement
    • Turnover
    • Retention
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Hot topics
    • Board of Directors

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    "GO Riteway uses MRA to administer our annual employee engagement and customer service surveys. Both confidential surveys, the MRA brand ensures our employees and customers that their responses will be handled discreetly. The format is user friendly and we get excellent response rates. MRA compiles annual results by business unit comparing year over year performance by question. The data is invaluable to our effort to identify the topics that are most important to our employees and customers. The surveys are used to kick off conversations around continuous improvement that get incorporated into our planning process. We value MRA as our survey and research partner." - Bob Zanotti, President, GO Riteway

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