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We are currently working on providing a great member experience for the survey section. Please contact MRA’s Survey department at 800.488.4845 ext. 3508, to obtain survey participant or ordering information for your organization.

Learn About MRA Surveys

MRA Surveys provide insights to help you complete, stay informed, and attract and maintain the talent you need. MRA Surveys are respected in the marketplace for having  credible, high-quality data, which is a result of our strong partnerships with members and survey participants. MRA's comprehensive survey reports or select cuts of data give you the metrics you need. MRA's Total Rewards team can help you:

  • Benchmark one job or conduct an entire compensation review
  • Analyze job descriptions, industries, and different size organizations
  • Determine how your benefit package stands up compared to the competition
  • Develop the Talent Management Program and Talent Rewards Package you need
  • Review the latest in HR business trends to stay current

MRA's Scheduled Surveys

  • Compensation Surveys

    Compensation Surveys

    • Benchmark Compensation
    • Industrial & Production Trades
    • National Executive Compensation
    • National IT & Engineering Compensation
    • National Sales Compensation
    • National Wage & Salary
  • Policy & Benefit Surveys

    Policy & Benefit Surveys

    • Holiday Practices
    • Insurance Plans Survey: Health & Prescription Drugs
    • National Policies & Benefits
  • Industry Surveys

    Industry Surveys

    • Logistics & Construction Compensation
    • Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits
  • Business Trend Surveys

    Business Trend Surveys

    • National Business Trends
    • Pay Trends & Talent Strategies
    • Turnover

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