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Candidate Experience Surveys

Show how you're doing

MRA’s Candidate Experience Surveys harness the power of data analytics and provide you with critical information that improves your hiring process and the quality of your new hires.

  • Strengthen engagement levels
  • Raise job satisfaction
  • Simplify onboarding
  • Improve your recruiting processes based on survey results

Survey packages include:

  • Four mobile-friendly and confidential survey links that you send to candidates through your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or as a separate email to assess the application, screening, interview, and post-offer process.
  • Two separate survey reports with additional valuable insights.
  • Meeting with an MRA recruiting expert to discuss results and recommendations.
  • One Benchmark Report (year-end) that includes data from all participating member organizations.

Survey Packages

Package 1: 500 survey responses; $1,175 for MRA members or $1,525 for nonmembers

  • 500 survey responses cover 6 to 10 open positions based on 50 to 75 applications per position

Package 2: 750 survey responses; $1,425 for MRA members or $1,850 for nonmembers

Sample Report

Where did you learn about the position that you applied for?

Survey Pie Chart

20% Job notification from a job posting board
20% Current or past employee
30% Professional colleague
30% Professional organization


Based on your experience as an applicant, how likely are you to recommend a friend or colleague?

Survey Squares

30% Detractor
50% Passive
20% Promoter

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