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Evaluate and enhance your HR function through MRA’s custom audit solutions. If you have an audit need, we can help!

In today's competitive climate, it is important for organizations to find a way to operate within the confines of a heavily regulated employment environment, maintain crucial operational agility and look for ways to gain or maintain a competitive advantage in the market. But don’t panic—MRA is here to help. Our audit services are customized to fit the needs of your organization and deliver an unbiased, third-party review of the health of your HR department. 

MRA’s HR audits can focus on all areas of HR or they can be tailored to one specific area, like I-9s, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or payroll. MRA’s process will help identify whether specific procedures are compliant and provide recommendations on how employers can "raise the bar" and become an employer of choice in the market. The results obtained from the audit will identify gaps in HR practices, and you can then prioritize these gaps to minimize risk. At the conclusion of the audit, you will receive a comprehensive summary that provides an overview of our findings along with evidence-based recommendations that align to your organization’s strategy and objectives.

MRA’s audits may accomplish a variety of objectives, such as:

  • Ensuring legal compliance.
  • Helping maintain or improve competitive advantage.
  • Ensuring your policies, processes, training, culture, and corporate guidelines are inclusive to attract and retain a diverse pipeline of talent.
  • Establishing efficient documentation and technology practices.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in training, communications, and other employment practices.
  • Reviewing and recommending HR department practices to ensure they support service-level standards that affect the bottom line.

Sample Audit Questions

  • Recruitment and Selection

    Recruitment and Selection

    • Do you have a projected workforce plan for new and existing job openings?
    • Are hiring managers trained in objective interviewing techniques, including position-related questions, appropriate documentation, and legal implications for non compliance?
    • Do you offer applicants a means to contact the organization, other than through the online system, to request any reasonable accommodation needed to provide an applicant with a disability an equal opportunity to apply and be considered for your jobs?
  • Employment Activities

    Employment Activities

    • Are you aware of the state or federal requirements for drug and alcohol testing? If so, do you have a compliant written drug and alcohol policy?
    • Where are your completed applications and resumes maintained? How long do you retain applications?
    • Is there an internal process for employees to register complaints concerning discrimination and harassment?
    • Do you translate documents to ensure clear communication and understanding across a multilingual workforce?
  • Leaves of Absence

    Leaves of Absence

    • Do you have 50+ employees at your locations within 75 miles of one another?
    • Do you have your FMLA and/or other leave(s) of absence rules, requirements and procedures in a written policy? How is it distributed to employees?
    • Do your eligibility parameters for your leave(s) of absence take into account diverse family unit structures?
  • Recordkeeping


    • How are I-9 forms handled for satellite offices or remote workers?
    • Where are I-9s stored and how often are the forms reviewed against USCIS storage and retention guidelines?
    • Do you use a standard method to capture payroll/benefits changes for employees?
    • Are mandatory state and federal posters appropriately posted in all required areas?
  • Wage and Hour Requirements

    Wage and Hour Requirements

    • How does your organization determine exemption statuses?
    • Do you have employees who travel from one site to another for work? If so, how do you pay them for this time?
  • Payroll


    • Who approves timesheets? What backup documentation is gathered if a timesheet is altered?
    • Who is responsible ensuring payroll controls are in place to guarantee the accuracy of wage payments? When was this last reviewed?
  • Custom Audit Assistance

    Custom Audit Assistance

    If you need custom audit assistance after reviewing the sample questions, please contact Member Relations at 800.488.4845 or [email protected].

Mandatory Federal and State Law Posters

Employers are required to post all current labor laws to ensure employees have an understanding of their rights under state and federal laws. To avoid significant fines due to noncompliance, it is essential for an employer to stay up to date with required postings.

I wanted to let MRA know how pleased I am with the entire (HR audit) process, as well as the final work product. The auditor was highly efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and a very talented HR resource.

Keith Fraleigh, President, Proven Direct

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