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Need to reduce staff due to changing business conditions?

With the uncertainty of changing business conditions due to factors ranging from inflation, salary structures, and global market changes, some of your staff and positions may no longer be a good fit with your organization’s goals and objectives. Reducing staff is never easy, but you can help create an easier adjustment for them and sustain a positive brand reputation, using outplacement services to help those employees transition from your organization to new opportunities, as well as reassuring the remaining staff that you’re doing the right thing.

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Transition toward a new future

Transitioning employees is never easy. Change can be difficult for separating employees and also can impact the people who remain, but there are options to overcome these challenges. Outplacement assistance through MRA’s Outplacement & Career Transition Services sends a message to both separating and current employees–as well as the talent marketplace–that you are committed to employees throughout the employment cycle. MRA's personal, one-on-one approach focuses on the future and is more impactful than traditional self-serve options.

Help Your Company:

  • Sustain morale and productivity among remaining employees.
  • Maintain a positive image by doing the right thing to help former employees succeed.

We work with people at all levels within the organization. Personalized one-on-one or group coaching, an extensive step-by-step Career Transition Guide, simulated interview practice, and feedback sessions highlight our service. We introduce employees to social media, such as LinkedIn, and assist in resume design, and offer opportunities to access MRA training to broaden their skill sets.

Specialized Executive Programs include leadership assessments, interview scenarios featuring panel interviews and coaching feedback, and assistance with creation and implementation of an individual marketing plan, including social media strategies, as well as access to MRA industry experts and industry-specific networking.

Group programs are available. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Help Employees:

  • Plan their next career move and focus on the future.
  • Assess skills, strengths, and opportunities.
  • Outline a job search strategy.
  • Secure new positions more quickly.

With the help of MRA's outplacement services, I built a stronger online network and enhanced my personal brand on the market. I also benefitted from their practice interviewing sessions and effective coaching. As a result, I received two job offers and negotiated a great benefits package. Thank you MRA, I couldn’t have done this without you!

Naomi Fujimoto

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Susan Abler
Susan Abler
Director of Outplacement & Member Relations Advisor

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Susan Abler
Susan Abler
Director of Outplacement & Member Relations Advisor

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