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Employee Engagement

One in three. Can you afford those odds?

Get Your Employees Engaged

Fully engaged employees are a critical success factor and a major competitive advantage. But recent national studies show that only one in three employees is engaged with their company. It’s startling to know that, even when you think you have the pulse of your workforce, the employees that you can least afford to lose may not be engaged.

Employee engagement impacts the bottom line. Companies with higher employee engagement have:

  • greater productivity
  • higher customer satisfaction
  • increased financial performance
  • decreased absenteeism
  • lower turnover

An employee engagement survey is a valuable tool for gathering information to make data-based decisions and understanding your employees' views of strengths and critical issues.

However, employees might be wary of company-conducted surveys. They may hesitate to reveal their true feelings or refuse to participate altogether. Conducting a confidential engagement survey through MRA provides employees with reassurance that their voices are heard without judgment or repercussions. In fact, the average response rate for companies using MRA’s employee engagement survey is 92%. And you’ll receive comprehensive comparative data as well as targeted, actionable recommendations.

MRA Engagement Surveys provide:

  • Comparisons to national and regional benchmark data from similar companies.
  • Data breakouts and analysis by your employee groups and by levels of satisfaction and engagement.
  • Presentation for executive leaders with specific, actionable recommendations for next steps.

I was impressed by the detailed data results and the ability to view the data at multiple levels of analysis.

Barb White
Human Resource Manager, Water Gremlin Company

Increase Employee Engagement by Changing Company Culture

In order to stay competitive, an MRA member undertook rapid implementation of a new strategic direction to create a unified company concept and cultural identity.

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