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Today, MRA is the largest employer association in the nation serving more than 5,000 employers and covering more than one million employees.

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As a nonprofit, our culture is dedicated to member service—growing your bottom line, not ours. For over a century, we have built world-class HR expertise committed to your success. From comprehensive HR services to Learning & Development, Talent Management, Total Rewards, and Strategic Planning, MRA delivers trusted, proven HR solutions that advance businesses and their people. Headquartered in Wisconsin, MRA has regional offices in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Ohio.

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  • Association Overview

    Association Overview

  • Mission, Vision, and Values

    Mission, Vision, and Values

    MRA is dedicated to exceeding member expectations as we help organizations solve the challenges of a constantly changing business environment. We help develop an engaged, high performing workforce with programs and services focused on the needs of our members.

    HR Means Business at MRA.

    MRA will be the leading employer association in the United States as the premier source of advice, training and development, and human resource information. MRA will become an indispensable business partner. MRA employees drive a culture that generates member loyalty. They thrive in an organization that effectively capitalizes on business opportunities and recognizes and rewards the achievements of team members.

    At MRA, we value:

    • Leadership: Develop leaders in order to stimulate growth and champion new ideas.
    • Excellence: Provide optimal research, tools, and insights.
    • Member-Centric: Deep, proactive knowledge of member needs and expectations. Listen.
    • Innovation: Creatively and proactively identify new ideas and solutions.
    • Integrity: Conduct business according to the highest ethical principles and be trustworthy stewards of resources.
  • A Strong Team

    A Strong Team

    Leadership & Board of Directors

    MRA is led by a strong team of experienced HR and business professionals. Learn more about our leadership team and board of directors.

    Our Team

    Who are the people that provide the great service for which MRA is known? Check out our staff biographies to learn about our dedicated and experienced team.

    Subject Matter Experts


    Interested in joining our team of hard-working, innovative, and passionate professionals? Take a moment to visit our careers page and see what makes MRA a special place to call your professional home.

    MRA's Leadership

  • Scholarships & Centennial Endowment Fund

    Scholarships and Centennial Endowment Fund

    At MRA, our passion is to help organizations thrive and to support the next generation of HR professionals. We do so through small grants and scholarships, funded through our Institute of Management Centennial Endowment Fund. Since its inception, this fund has contributed more than $94,000 to not-for-profit entities and sponsored $15,000 in college scholarships.

    Donate Now

    This endowment fund supports our:

    • Nonprofit Leadership Fund (to provide reduced fee or no-fee education opportunities to nonprofit organizations).
    • Small Business Development Fund (to aid small or emerging businesses by providing an opportunity to access MRA’s services and training programs at reduced pricing).
    • Excellence in Human Resources Scholarship for Students of Color (to recognize and support the development of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion). This scholarship is offered annually to minority students of junior or senior standing. Recipients receive a $1,500 monetary scholarship as well as a complimentary registration to an MRA training program.

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    We’re proud to be involved and give back to the communities we serve. MRA supports several charitable organizations, including United Way, Milwaukee Public Museum, Junior Achievement, Waukesha County Business Alliance, and the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF), through donated services and monetary contributions.

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    In addition, MRA employees are encouraged to volunteer and sit on boards for various other nonprofit organizations. MRA executives have served on the board of directors of several organizations and chambers of commerce.

  • News


    MRA has hundreds of Subject Matter Experts. They know their stuff and are often cited in business and human resource news features. Take look at our recent press releases and articles for more news and information.

  • Locations


    Today, the business world is complicated, fast and far-reaching. We go where you need us. From our own backyard to Dubai and Beijing – we can help your business thrive. If your organization has employees in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, or Wisconsin, you are eligible for the benefits of MRA membership. We're always just a phone call or email away.

    MRA Office Buildings

  • We Hear You

    We Hear You


    We don't rest on our laurels but we do appreciate your kind words. If we went above and beyond for you, please feel free to let us know.

    We Hear You

    Share your thoughts, comments, or questions. We're here for you and want to hear from you.

    Contact us today to learn how we can assist your company to successfully recruit, develop, and retain a powerful workforce.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    MRA’s Diversity Commitment

    At MRA, diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to achieving our dual mission—to help our members create great workplaces and to build a company that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

    We understand that our impact is greater when our teams reflect the members we serve and the communities where we work.

    We strive to create a work environment where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected and where employees feel valued and empowered to bring great ideas to the table.

    We believe diversity drives innovation, improves company performance, fosters growth, and enhances employee engagement and retention.

    We aspire to create a work environment that provides all our employees equitable access to information, development, and opportunity.

    We see diversity as more than just policies and practices. It is an integral part of who we are as a company, how we operate and how we see our future.

    We are committed to advancing our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts by focusing on:
    • Building a diverse pipeline of candidates at all levels, including leadership positions.
    • Managing inclusively and holding leaders accountable for creating a work environment that fosters respect, equity, and belonging.
    • Investing in the growth and development of our workforce by supporting community outreach.
    • Promoting diversity and inclusion awareness through education and training, and thoughtful, respectful conversation.
    • Reviewing compensation programs and practices for pay equity on a regular basis.
    • Holding all employees, including senior leadership, accountable for behaviors that align with our objectives and for achieving them.

    DEI Council Overview

    We created a council to build a sustainable DEI model to help us diversify our teams and foster an inclusive and engaging environment for all MRA employees. Three subcommittees were developed to support and advance the council objectives.

    Activate Diversity Icon

    Diversity Dashboard – Identify D&I barriers that affect recruitment, retention, training and advancement.

    Elevate Equity Icon

    iLead – Create opportunities for employees to connect to learn, enhance their knowledge of DEI and celebrate their differences.

    Lead Inclusively Icon

    Inclusive Leadership – Provide leaders with coaching and group training to broaden their perspective and equip them with tools to become more inclusive leaders.

    iLEAD Employee Group

    Purpose: MRA’s DEI Employee Group focused on diversity education, communication, employee support, and coordination of volunteer opportunities.

    • Create a safe space for employees to share ideas to help build a culture of inclusion at MRA.
    • Provide educational activities for MRA employees to enhance their knowledge and understanding of DEI.
    • Coordinate four annual community service volunteer events with organizations representing diverse constituencies.

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Dirk Maroske

When turning to MRA for guidance to continuously improve our organizations, MRA has consistently exceeded my expectations making our organizations better and stronger, and I became a loyal customer and ambassador for MRA.

Dirk Maroske
President, Prater Industries, Inc.

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Katy Archer
Katy Archer
Chief Technology Officer & Minnesota Division Manager

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