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2020 Fall Training Catalogs

October - December 2020:

Please check online for current availability as programs may have changed.

Fall 2020 Training Mailer

Why Invest in Learning & Development?

A comprehensive learning & development (L&D) program is vital for employee development and continued organizational success, growth, and adaptability in today’s ever-changing business environment. Job candidates rank employee development as one of their top four reasons when choosing a new employer. Fortune 100 ‘Best Companies’ to work for provide 73 hours of annual training for their full-time employees.

Which Training Program is Right for You?

Determining what training employees should attend is not an easy task. One way is by assessing the competencies of your employees.

  • What skills do your employees possess now?
  • What skills will your employees need to accomplish your company’s goals?
  • How will you address any competency gaps?

What are the Benefits of Training?

  • Provides employees with critical skills to help your business
  • Aids recruiting
  • Develops talent
  • Promotes job satisfaction and employee engagement
  • Increases retention
  • Adds flexibility and efficiency
  • Supports knowledge transfer
  • Enables leadership transitions and succession planning
  • Gives seasonal workers a reason to return

We can help find a training fit for you and your team! Maximize your organization’s return by aligning training goals with your organization's vision and strategic priorities.

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Amy Wangerin
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