Collette Keating-Christensen

Collette Keating-Christensen

Learning & Development Instructor
Learning & Development
Be patient with yourself. Self growth is tender, it’s holy ground. There is no greater investment.
Stephen Covey

As I was growing professionally, climbing the “corporate ladder,” I had a director who gave me advice I have cherished and lived by. We were discussing a stretch assignment. I was concerned that I might not have what it took to be successful, and my director said, “Collette, if you’re scared don’t run from it. Run toward your fear, there’s no other way for you to know.” That single piece of advice was my saving grace, offering me opportunities to work in some awesome organizations, lead amazing teams, and learn so much along the way!


Collette has over 25 years of organizational training and development experience across manufacturing, health care, and nonprofit. She has worked with diverse groups of leaders, including front line, operations, and emerging leaders. She has designed and delivered leadership and customer service training across the country and abroad. Collette’s goal is to provide a safe learning environment where participants can reflect and explore who they are and understand how those traits impact their work. She believes that understanding yourself helps one better understand others. By utilizing knowledge and tools, our work as leaders and individual contributors supports the growth of our organizations and helps us thrive. Collettes known for bringing enthusiasm to her classes and provides a collaborative atmosphere to learn. Her sense of humor coupled with her innate ability to get down to business provides opportunities to explore and grow.

Key Accomplishments

  • Across organizations assisted in the identification, design, and development of core leadership and business skills curriculum for all levels of leadership, resulting in an improved collaborative learning climate that prepared leadership for a changing environment
  • Achieved Strengths Finder Coach status
  • Completed Organizational Development Certification - NTL Institute
  • Published: Journal of Patient Safety; Development of Patient Safety Web-based Education Curriculum for Physicians, Nurses, and Patients. Hendee, William R., Keating-Christensen, Collette, Loh, Yik H


  • Master’s degree, Adult Education and Instructional Design, Alverno College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Bachelor’s degree, Business, Alverno College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin