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Hot Topic Surveys get to the core of what’s hot and emerging in business

Hot Topic Surveys

MRA’s Hot Topic Surveys cover cutting-edge, topical issues that impact businesses by addressing unique areas of interest or concern for business owners. Our surveys deliver results in aggregate and summary, and are presented in visually appealing formats. You will gain key takeaways to apply in your workplace, gauge the impact on your business, and help you move forward on the path to making more informed business decisions. We encourage you to participate in this benefit of MRA membership:

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Results of Previous Hot Topic Surveys:

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Variable Pay: Your Advantage in a Competitive Labor Market

Hot Topic Survey Variable Pay

This survey provides a better understanding of variable pay practices, usage and advantages to help organizations gain or maintain advantage over the competition.

Diversity and Inclusion--Best Steps Forward

Diversity and inclusion matter! Organizations are taking steps to increase diversity and focus on inclusion within their workforces. See positive differences made by companies that promote D&I.

Don’t Underrate the Power of Soft Skills

soft skils thumb

Organizations face growing market and industry competition, shifts in consumer expectations, tight labor and  talent challenges, and increased automation at every level. When hiring personnel, soft skills are often overlooked, but the need to develop these skills is evident.

Advancement of Women in the Workplace Survey

Advancement of Women

Women have filled many roles in the workplace throughout America’s past. Today, opportunities for women seem to be at their highest point in history. National discourse on diversity, unconscious bias, anti-harassment, equal opportunity, equal pay and pay transparency have brought attention to the need for a balanced labor force.

Compensation Besides Base Pay Survey

Compensation Besides Base Pay

Many employers express pressing concerns around finding and keeping talent in this booming economy. Competitive pay is the greatest attractor, yet pay trend surveys report that pay structure increases are expected to be around 3% once again in 2019. How can companies compete for top notch employees?

Employee Turnover Survey

Hot Topic Survey Employee Turnover

MRA is pleased to present this Hot Topic survey as a complement to MRA's biennial comprehensive member survey. Members report that employee turnover is on the rise. Likewise, news reports state that the US unemployment rate has taken another dive. As unemployment rates fall, employee turnover rates increase.

Hiring Interns Survey

Hot Topic Survey Hiring Interns

Your internship program could turn out to be the source of your next great employee. If you offer a great program, you’ll attract great students. MRA’s Hot Topic Survey: Hiring Interns provides valuable information for your organization regarding common internship policies, specific intern needs, and projected pay levels to prepare you to tap into this highly-valuable pool of talent!

Opioid Epidemic Survey

Hot Topic Survey Opioid Epidemic

Employers face a myriad of issues in the workplace, and employee addiction issues are increasing in number and complexity. HR Professionals often walk a fine line in balancing the competing priorities of wanting to help an employee and minimizing risk to the organization.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Executive Summary

Hot Topic Survey Sexual Harassment

Harassment Prevention: it’s everyone’s responsibility. Yet, the values of mutual respect and kindness sometimes lose their way in the workplace. More recently, it couldn’t be more visible than in the form of sexual harassment which has taken a more prominent role in challenging workplace culture and ethics.

Wellness and Wearable Technology Survey

Hot Topic Survey Wearable Technology

Wellness programs promote a culture of health and well-being and improve employee performance and productivity. A trend emerging in the use of wearable technology in corporate wellness programs continues.

Your Competitive Edge in Attracting, Retaining, and Rewarding Top Talent

Hot Topic Survey Competitive Edge

In this hyper-competitive labor market top talent is difficult to come by. Top-notch employees can afford to be selective when choosing a company, consequently a competitive salary and benefits package may not be enough to attract and retain the top talent you desire.

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