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MRA's Intern Leadership Program

Enhance your existing internships with MRA’s new Intern Leadership Program.

2024 Intern Leadership Program

  • Program Details

    Program Details


    • Intern Roundtable to build their network and learn from others
    • Intern Coordinator Roundtable to share best practices
    • Social Media Networking for virtual connections

    Professional Development:

    • Weekly live trainings for interns on topics you don't learn in school
      • TOPIC
    • Monthly panel discussions from CEOs, HR leaders, and young professionals that are of interest to interns

    Ease for Employer:

    • Share and receive best practices from MRA and peers
    • Content and resources to help develop your program and share with managers
    • 24/7 HR Hotline
  • Employers


    Why participate? It’s a competitive world out there. Let us help you stand apart.

    • “Employer of choice” for young talent
    • Test drive your future employees
    • Create a company buzz on campus
    • Increase productivity
    • Access a fresh, young perspective
    • Foster internal leadership
    • Improve your social media reach
    • Close the skills gap
    • No effort professional development
    • No down time for your interns
  • Intern Program Coordinator

    Intern Program Coordinator

    Maybe coordinating interns is your full-time job, maybe your boss thought this was a great professional development opportunity, or maybe this is your "other duties as assigned" task. No matter what your role is in coordinating your summer interns, we want to make this the most painless (and hopefully fun!) opportunity you've had!

    Intern Coordinator Benefits:

    • Intern Coordinator Roundtable -- meet on a biweekly basis with other coordinators to share best practices, challenges, and successes you've had with your program!
    • Your interns get three hours a week of professional development and networking … and you don't have to do anything extra!
    • Exit interviews – at the end of the summer, MRA will be the third-party to find out what your interns loved about their experience, what you can do to enhance it!
    • You have access to a full resource library of content, so you don’t have to start from scratch! Check out the list below.
  • Interns


    First of all, congratulations on securing your internship! Second, congratulations on landing an internship with an employer that values YOU – your growth, your professional development, and your future!

    • Networking with other interns and other professionals.
    • Building long-term relationships – you never know where your future job may come from!
    • Professional development – hear from people that were in your shoes not too long ago and some of the things they’ve learned along the way.
    • We also plan to have some fun along the way!

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  • Sign Up

    Sign Up!

    The program will facilitate networking opportunities to help your interns learn, grow, and lead.

    Sign Up!

    Questions? Contact Courtney Lamers at 262.696.3633 or [email protected].

  • Other Resources

    Other Resources

    Additional MRA Services:

    MRA can recruit your next intern.
    MRA can help retain your next intern.
    MRA has HR Business Partners that can help facilitate and manage your program.
    MRA can provide coaching for new leaders or managers.
    MRA can provide training or your managers.
    MRA can provide organization structure strategy.
    MRA can help partner to further your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Intern Leadership Program Logo

Imagine the advantage your interns (and your company) will gain by networking with other interns. What about the opportunity for your intern coordinator to share best practices with other coordinators. How about the benefit to both interns and coordinators having the ability to access professional development topics that include:

  • Project Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leading Teams
  • And intern-focused topics such as:
    • Finding the Corporate Culture Right for You
    • What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before My First Job
    • Questions to Ask at the Interview
    • How to Get Respect

This program will:

  • Assist with your talent supply chain
  • Position you as an employer of choice
  • Retain the next generation
  • Develop your future leaders