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Strategy & Planning

Strategic planning ensures that your organization’s direction is properly aligned to respond to today’s changing economy. Succession planning ensures that the right people, with the right skills and motivation, are in the right positions, at the right time.

Our Approach to Strategic Planning

Partner with us for strategic planning and rest assured that your company’s success is our primary goal. We work to understand your business and the key challenges you face, then help you put together a suitable, actionable, and practical plan. MRA's Strategic Planning helps you achieve your business goals and helps your organization:

  • Foster an environment that welcomes and expects innovation and strategic sharing.
  • Listen to everyone’s opinions and build consensus about the organization’s direction.
  • Clearly define your purpose, and establish realistic goals and objectives.
  • Identify constraints to business strategies.
  • Ensure effective use of your resources by focusing on key priorities.
  • Provide a base to measure progress, and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.
  • Encourage transparent communication of business direction, goals, and objectives to cultivate a collaborative team environment.
  • Empower individuals to take initiative and ownership of actions that advance the plan.

When is Strategic Planning appropriate?

  • To jump-start a new company
  • To clarify vision, mission, and values
  • To prepare for a new major venture, such as developing a new department, division, major new product, or line of products
  • To lay groundwork for the next fiscal year
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Succession Planning

At MRA, the breadth and depth of our expertise offers you a unique difference. We bring expertise not only in succession management, but also in competency management, employee assessment, training, coaching, performance management, and total rewards systems. This enables you to access the elements you need, whether it’s one or many, and know the results will be an integrated program that delivers on your business objectives.

Our comprehensive succession planning services can satisfy both short- and long-term business needs. It’s all about developing individuals for key positions to ensure ongoing, effective performance.

MRA’s Succession Planning provides:

  • Continuity of leadership
  • Sharpened and expedited ability to identify, develop, retain, and promote high potentials and diverse talent
  • Enhanced achievement of business objectives through the selection and development of managers/directors on the basis of strategic and organizational requirements
  • Development of a common framework for performance standards and frequent in-depth reviews of key talent
  • Results metrics
  • A clearer understanding by employees about the organization’s leadership process, development of talent, and promotion of diversity

Case Study

When a manufacturing organization with 1,500 employees and multiple locations learned that 22 percent of its management staff could retire by 2019, they asked MRA to help develop an action plan for managing succession.

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