Culture-Killing Leaders

August 15, 2019
Conflict Management
Read time: 2 mins

Bad bosses can outweigh an awesome workplace full of fun people or where the pay and benefits are great. Read on about three culture-killing leaders, and ways to deal with them.

Manic Micromanagers

  • She’ll tell you if you’re a few minutes late and call you out if you hit the road a little early.
  • She needs to be copied on every email you send.
  • You make a decision? Nope.
  • So many unnecessary meetings. Where she talks. A lot.

Minimizing the micromanager:

  • Look inside. Are you doing anything to ask for such nitpicking - missing deadlines or being unprepared?

    Deas Tree

  • Stay ahead of the game. Know the tasks she expects and finish them ahead of time. 
  • Supply updates. Before she has a chance to ask for them.

Negative Nelsons

William loved his job, loved the people, loved the work, loved that it was close to home… but ultimately, he left the company. Why? His manager’s negative attitude.

Tips to ambush an atrocious attitude:

  • Take notes. Write down what he said, when and where he said it and if anyone else was in earshot. With this information you can:
    • Talk to your boss about what you’ve documented or send him an email detailing what you’ve experienced.
    • Don’t want to discuss it with him? Talk to HR or your bosses’ supervisor.
  • What triggers his meltdowns? If he wigs out when you aren’t back from lunch by 1 pm, be sure to be back by 12:50 pm every day.
  • “Pull a William” and find work elsewhere.

Cringe-worthy Communicators

After a rant, instead of apologizing, a cringe-worthy communicator will say, “Mike can take it, I’m just venting”.

What to do?

  • Try delivering polite statements in a composed voice with no emotion, chances are that won’t send him into a rage of fury:
    • “Frank, can we please keep our conversations professional?”
    • “Frank, I don't think it helps the company’s appearance when you swear at me in front of the customers.”
  • Find a team member who’s worked for Frank. Suggestions from a person who’s been there may help you figure out how to survive this situation.

Take the steps to remedy your predicament. And if that doesn’t help, consider moving on. Life is too short to waste it dealing with a culture-killing leader.