Company Culture Check-In

March 17, 2021
Read time: 3 mins


How did your organization’s culture fare the last year? Was it already good and got even better, or was it not so great, and it officially tanked?

A culture is more than words in a framed print in the lobby. It’s more than a checklist of workplace characteristics. It’s displayed in employee attitudes, leader behaviors, and organization rules. And you must keep an eye on what your culture is doing.

So, how is your culture? Take a good look at it - what’s working and what is lacking?

A good culture looks like this …

•           There is open communication and transparency.

•           The principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are lived out in every aspect of work.

•           Leaders are visible and accessible.

•           There is an atmosphere of excellence and accountability.

•           Constructive conflict resolution is practiced.

•           High-quality employee referrals are common.

•           Trust and integrity are routinely displayed.

•           Collaboration is common.

•           Opportunities for growth are plentiful.

•           Employees are involved in making decisions that impact their work.

•           Employees are challenged to continuously learn.

•           There’s a good mentorship program.

•           Employees feel their efforts are appreciated and rewarded.

•           Leaders understand what motivates each individual.

•           Strong organizational culture attracts and retains top talent.


Signs point to a bad culture when …

•           Turnover is common and accepted.

•           There is poor internal communication, evidenced by employees not knowing what is expected of them and not knowing the direction of the company.

•           A fear of failure discourages employees to try new ways of doing things.

•           Low employee morale and engagement shows up on faces and in survey results.

•           Policies come before people.

•           There is a lack of trust, stemming from micromanagement behaviors.

•           Leaders don’t have the skills to lead effectively.

•           Flexibility and accommodations are not practiced.

•           Manipulating and withholding information breeds disrespect.

•           Leaders fail to address poor performance and bad behavior.

•           Employees are afraid to speak up, ask questions, or challenge the status quo because of retaliation.

How did your culture check-in go? Does your organization align with the good culture category – or not so much?

Your company’s culture has a profound impact on your organization. It can get people to work for you, it helps employees engage at work, it dictates whether people stay, and often it is why people leave. To hang on to employees, it’s vital to keep your company’s culture front and center and make sure it is well taken care of.