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MRA is introducing Principles of Leadership Excellence Plus! This new version of MRA’s premier leadership series includes the essential knowledge and skills from the 12-day PLX, plus features to enhance the learning experience before, during, and after the time in the classroom. Registrations are now open!


Principles of Leadership Excellence Plus provides opportunities to adopt the skills, behaviors, and knowledge needed for effective, successful people leadership. Participants unlock their understanding of self to connect with others and then apply their leadership within the context of the organization, the business environment, and their communities.

Leaders aren’t born, they do the inner work of self-analysis, reflection, and behavior change to grow their own skills so then they can help develop others. Leaders know that results don’t come from spreadsheets, they come from people. They focus on people’s strengths and understand their team members’ opportunities for growth. In this way, they can lead with more integrity and authenticity. Leaders who plan for success and confidently employ emotional intelligence are more successful in today’s global economy.


PLX Plus Highlights

·        Pre-series meeting with the managers of the participants—NEW!

·        Coaching guides to help managers of participants reinforce and leverage their newly acquired knowledge and skills—NEW!

·        STAR 360® leadership evaluation, which includes comments and insights from the participant’s manager, peers, and direct reports—NEW!

·        8 full days of in-person or live online classroom training—NEW!

·        1 full day or 2 half days of electives to customize the learning experience—NEW!

·        Peer learning circles for series graduates 3 months and 6 months after completion—NEW!

·        Engaging, expert instructors with real-world leadership experience in multiple industries.

·        Updated content that incorporates the latest research in adult learning and leadership skills, including emotional intelligence, trust building, coaching, and resiliency in change.


Who Should Attend:

This series is designed for supervisors with ideally at least 1-2 years of experience. Individual contributors who have a high potential for a leadership position or those new to their roles also find this series invaluable to their growth and development.


Principles of Leadership Excellence Series Schedule: July-December 2023


Courses in this series:

Building Trust and Relationships

1 Day or 2 Half Days

Communicating Clearly for Results

1 Day or 2 Half Days

Navigating Conflict

1 Day or 2 Half Days

Fostering Culture and Motivation for Engagement

1 Day or 2 Half Days

Setting Expectations and Coaching for Success

1 Day or 2 Half Days

Managing Talent for Performance

1 Day or 2 Half Days

Creating Collaboration and Effective Teams

1 Day or 2 Half Days

Leading and Thriving Through Change

1 Day or 2 Half Days