Pat Staaden

Patricia Staaden

Chief Operating Officer
Labor Relations
Member Relations
MRA Leadership
Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.”
Nelson Boswell

Whether it’s in her personal life, leading her teams, or in assisting MRA members, Pat’s focus is getting results and learning from those results to achieve continuous improvement. Those who know Pat describe her as having a can-do attitude, action-oriented, and always ready to tackle challenges along the way. She communicates in a way that builds trust and positive relationships both internally and externally, leading to an environment that creates more value for MRA’s members.


Pat joined MRA in 1994 after leading human resources and labor relations in manufacturing for over 10 years. Using her strategic and tactical HR and business experience, she worked directly with dozens of MRA members to achieve their objectives around building high-performing work teams and safe, successful workplaces. Since 2000 Pat has led a number of MRA’s teams, including leadership, management and HR training, 24/7 advisors, affirmative action, reference and background investigations, and HR professionals. In 2012, when MRA acquired Trusight, formerly Employers Association, a Minnesota-based employers association, Pat relocated to Minnesota to lead this important, 1,000-member division of MRA.

Key Accomplishments

  • Member of MRA’s executive leadership team, directing multiple departments to meet the ever-changing business need of our members.
  • Created the vision and led the training team through the creation and design of Principles of Leadership Excellence to build a completely updated leadership series that develops top leaders within member organizations.
  • Skilled, strategic partner to member companies, helping them improve efficiencies, build talent, and become more successful.


Pat holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin.