Matt Stein

Matt Stein

Member Relations Manager
Member Relations
What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.
Bob Dylan

There are many great TV shows out there, and Matt is a fan of “Ted Lasso.” Ted finds a way to build a strong connection to people by accepting and loving them for who they are and engaging them in a fun and playful way. It is a way of being that Matt aspires to, acknowledging that it won’t always be easy and there are no shortcuts, but as Ted says: “Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.”


As a member relations manager, Matt is a curious person by nature. He enjoys asking questions to understand the root of the problems and concerns that the organizations he works with are facing—then come up with creative solutions to help solve the problems. Watching these companies move the needle from struggle to thrive is Matt’s passion.

Key Accomplishments

  • Assisted businesses by recommending compliant solutions to help ensure they are making the best decisions for the organization
  • Helped organizations utilize membership services to improve their businesses and help employees grow
  • Acted as an extension of a company’s HR department by helping solve the problems that arose


Matt received his MBA with a focus on marketing from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, and his bachelor’s degree in English with a Spanish minor from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Professional and Community Activities

Matt has spent much of the past 10 years coaching youth baseball, soccer, and basketball teams. He also served as treasurer for his local Boy Scout pack.