Michel, Jessie

Jessie Michel

Instructional Designer
Learning & Development
“Knowledge emerges only through invention and reinvention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.”
Paulo Freire

For Jessie, instructional design is like crocheting—it’s all about the process. Whether she is making a sweater or a learning module, Jessie believes that you always need to have a plan and be willing to reimagine, in order to deliver the best product you can. She brings that passion and precision to both her fiber art projects and all phases of the instructional design process.


Jessie is a formally trained social scientist and researcher, as well as an experienced instructor and curriculum developer. Jessie has worked with people from all over the world, including 3 years in Akita, Japan, and has over 5 years of experience teaching adults in academic settings. With these international and academic experiences, she understands the needs of a wide range of learners. Jessie strives to bring integrity of process to her instructional design work, by always starting with who the learner is, and then developing effective and creative curriculum that meets those needs.

Key Accomplishments

  • Created online courses for advanced ESL students, including academic research writing, speech and communication, and advanced grammar.
  • Designed and delivered a one-semester critical reading curriculum for advanced ESL learners.
  • Earned a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) certificate.


Jessie holds a master’s degree in second language studies from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI, and a bachelor’s degree in English from Northwest University, Kirkland, WA.

Professional and Community Activities

Jessie volunteers weekly at Riverwest Co-op in Milwaukee. She also tutors adult English as a second language (ESL) learners through Literacy Services of Wisconsin.