Guy Hoppe

Human Resource Business Advisor
HR Advisors
There are three constants in life... change, choice, and principles."
Thomas Stallkamp

Making change happen using creative ideas and helping others to make good choices based on solid principles and extensive experience are hallmarks of Guy Hoppe’s style and accomplishments. He is comfortable working at all levels of an organization and builds rapport quickly through collaboration and a focus on strategy and the bottom line. Excellent communication skills and an energetic organized approach are among Guy’s major strengths.


With more than 45 years of progressive experience in diverse industry sectors, Guy has been a highly effective and accomplished human resources leader for a variety of organizations--small to large, manufacturing to service, and nonunion to union. His extensive professional experiences include department leadership, recruitment, benefits, compensation, employee relations, labor relations (including contract negotiations), safety, compliance, policy development, and employee training.

Key Accomplishments

  • Led human resource departments for a variety of organizations in service and manufacturing, including fast- paced high technology and managed information technology experts in a consulting environment.
  • Accomplished strategic goals while maintaining a good labor relations environment as chief negotiator and administrator for labor contracts in manufacturing.
  • Experienced as safety director and auditor, with extensive experience in OSHA regulations for general industry.
  • Served over 60 MRA member companies on various assignments, including full-charge human resource management and labor relations as well as specific projects in safety and human resources strategy and compliance.


Guy received a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a major in human resource management, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Professional and Community Involvement

Guy is the founder and current leader of careers ministry at his church in Jackson, Wisconsin. He has held top leadership positions and has participated in various church committees, currently serving as the chairperson of the staff parish relations committee (human resources committee).