What Recruiters Must Do in Today's Job Market

October 15, 2018
Recruiting & Hiring
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Thinking outside the box when it comes to recruiting is a must in today’s tight job market.

At the recent MRA conference, Workforce Planning for 2019 and Beyond, HR pros shared these tips for creative recruiting:

  • Consider dipping into an “out of the norm” pool of potential candidates, like stay-at-home parents, retirees, people with disabilities, Huber Law participants, and recovered addicts.
  • While recruiting, make the hiring process fast and tech savvy. There must be a mobile app and it should take a candidate less than seven minutes to complete the job application.
  • Don’t call, send emails. Most candidates have a job, which makes phone conversations tricky during the workday.
  • Pay attention while interviewing, and offer benefits that fit the person’s needs to seal the deal - like a bonus after six months on the job, paid days off to volunteer, casual dress, a 4.5-day work week and an increased starting salary.
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