What People Want From Their Leaders

December 04, 2018
Read time: 1 min
Ever wonder what people want from their leaders?

We have the five basic employee expectations to answer your question.

   1.  Employees want fair and consistent treatment from their leaders. Positive and constructive feedback should be related to the leader’s expectations.

   2.  Employees want to know where they stand with their leaders. Everyone asks the questions, “Am I doing okay?” “Better than okay?” “Less than okay?” No news is not good news.

   3.  Employees want firmness with understanding. They expect consistency and resent managers who “look the other way” when rules are broken.

   4.  Employees want to feel good about themselves and their work. They want leaders to let them know that they value their input. A little praise and recognition goes a long way.

   5.  Employees want the opportunity to contribute. A good leader gives his or her employees the chance to share their ideas, opinions, and suggestions.

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