Two Sides: Movin' On Up? Hiring From Within the Organization

September 06, 2019
MRA Edge
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Two MRA experts each take a side to tackle this tricky hiring issue that all human resource professionals have struggled with. Should organizations hire from within … or not? 

It’s Risky Business
  • A great worker doesn’t necessarily make a great manager. If the core competencies, drive, and enthusiasm aren’t there, you’re setting up the newly promoted person for disaster.
  • Resentment rears its ugly head. There’s a chance someone thinks he or she is a shoo-in for the promotion. It will be tougher to keep that person engaged and productive when the job goes to someone else.
  • The new manager needs to change. Chumming with co-workers who are now direct reports could be a conflict of interest. Managers are expected to support the organization’s beliefs, decisions, and actions, including not showing favoritism.
  • A new perspective is refreshing. A person new to the organization will have fresh ideas and skill sets from other experiences. An external perspective can give a position the shot in the arm it may need.
Go With Who You Know
  • It’s the perfect engagement and retention tool. An important part of HR is offering career advancement and development opportunities to employees. Promoting from within is an excellent way to do just that.
  • Trust your people. You hired them for a reason. Trust that they will continue doing an outstanding job in their new role.
  • Save some money (and happiness). It’s much more affordable for the organization to hire from within. The hiring costs are lower, recruiting costs aren’t an issue, the time to fill the position is much faster and the hiring managers are happier.
  • Build morale. When other employees see hard workers getting promoted from within, they can become more committed to the company and motivated to do their best, knowing that when the time comes, they’ll have a chance at moving up the ladder.

Deciding to hire internally or from the outside can get complicated. Thinking through the benefits and disadvantages of each side is a must. Need some hiring guidance? Give our hotline a call at 866-HR-HOTLINE (866.474.6854) or email us at

Source: Cindy Mixon VP, Human Resources, and Taylor Teske, HR Generalist, MRA - The Management Association

MRA Edge September/October 2019

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