Learning Leadership Fundamentals

July 09, 2021
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Being in any leadership position requires stellar communication skills, motivation, problem-solving, delegating, coaching, and being a change agent. How do newly appointed managers learn and grow these skills while working in a new role? They should take formal leadership training— being a leader is a completely different position than doing the work. It takes a new skillset.

MRA’s leadership series for first-time managers, Supervision Fundamentals, provides the foundational tools for new supervisors to lead their people to productive results. It is the perfect training for those who have just been promoted to management and for managers in the first two or three years of a management role who have never been given the opportunity for formal leadership training.

Some noteworthy lessons from Supervision Fundamentals:

  • Helping managers understand they can (and should) delegate.
  • Teaching managers to empower employees to get things done by acting instead of asking for permission.
  • Showing leaders how to re-train employees who often ask permission before they work on tasks because:
    • They don’t know how to do their job, or
    • They don’t want to think for themselves.
  • Preparing managers to help employees learn from the choices they make.
  • Guiding leaders how to be fair, firm, and friendly.

The class is comprised of ten chapters that build off one another. Learners will start with understanding authority, move on to motivation, and end with discipline. (Hint, if you do it right, people self-discipline.)

Attendees can enroll in one of two class schedules— both are offered in-person or virtually. One is three full days, and the other is six half days. Each class is followed by a week off in between to apply what was learned. Participants then report back and talk about their experiences using their new skills on the job.

Want more information? Check it out here, and then take a look at the 2021 Supervision Fundamentals schedule. For other leadership training options, visit our Leadership Development webpage. If you’re not sure what class to choose, contact MRA Registrations for a recommendation: 262.696.3319.

Please note: In Minnesota, this popular program was known as Supervision Part I: Fundamentals of Leadership.