New Ways to Interview?

May 02, 2019
Read time: 2 mins

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Setting your company apart as a fun, innovative and cool place to work with a twist on the conventional job interview may just be what you need to seal the deal with the perfect candidate. But some of these newer ways of interviewing contenders have us scratching our heads a bit.

  • Meeting over a meal. At some point we’ve all done an interview at a restaurant, which seems like a good idea – you’ve gotta eat. But specifically, have you ever arrived at a restaurant early and asked the waiter to screw up the order of the person you are meeting? Apparently, a lot can be determined if someone gets a plate of food he or she didn’t order, or better yet, doesn't care for. Should the interviewee choke it down so as not to cause a scene, or speak up and possibly be perceived as high maintenance?
  • Playing games. Sounds like fun! But we all know the person being interviewed is also being checked out for the right set of soft skills. Is he going to take out the (potentially) new boss in a game of laser tag before he gets the job, or let that opportunity pass him by? Playing a game can bring out one’s true colors - super competitive, bossy, passive, fun. But will candidates tone it down to “act the part?” No way to know.
  • Job auditions. Companies pay candidates to do a project so they can see the person in action - good idea! So, does the applicant just crush it, giving it all she’s got? If so, will she be held to this super-high standard if she’s hired? Or does she do a good job with the hopes of getting in the door and be able to work at more of her “everyday pace”?

When it comes to interviewing, thinking outside-the-box is a fabulous idea, just make sure the person you’re considering can truly tell his or her story.