Get Creative While Recruiting

Recruiting & Hiring

Thinking outside the box when it comes to recruiting is the only way to go in today’s tight job market. At the recent MRA conference, Workforce Planning for 2019 and Beyond, in Madison, WI, 150 attendees learned important information on this very subject. Here are a few tips of the trade that were shared by HR pros at the conference:

  • Consider dipping into an "out of the norm" pool of potential candidates, like stay-at-home moms, retirees, people with disabilities, Huber law (work release) participants, and recovered drug addicts to fill open spots within your organization.
  • While recruiting, make the hiring process fast and tech savvy. Your organization must have a mobile app and it should take less than seven minutes to complete the job application.
  • Instead of making phone calls, send emails. Most candidates already have a job, making it tricky to have a phone conversation during the workday. An email can be responded to any time, day or night.
  • Pay attention while interviewing to be able to offer benefits that fit the person’s needs to seal the deal. Some options are:
    • Increased starting salary
    • A 4.5 day work week
    • Relaxed dress code
    • Paid days off to volunteer in the community
    • A bonus after six months on the job

The rules are getting rewritten when it comes to job recruitment. Employers need to get creative and figure out what draws potential employees to apply for, and accept their available positions.

For more information on creative recruiting, visit the MRA Resource Center, email or contact a HR Advisor by calling 866-HR-Hotline (866-474-6854).

Source: Valerie Grube, PHR, Recruiting and Retention Services Manager, MRA - The Management Association