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Building Trust from a Distance

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Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams Workshops

Trust, the foundation of all relationships, may feel harder to build when you and your team are in separate locations and perhaps working different hours. In this session, you will explore strategies and create a plan to intentionally build trust across your team. The stakes are high: Trust is hard to win and easy to lose.

Pre-class training (30-minute eLearning): Modes of Communication

Classroom instruction (2-hour live online workshop):

  • Identify key behaviors that build trust in-person and virtually.
  • Explain the importance of inclusion and empathy for a remote and hybrid team.
  • Create transparency around everyone’s work to build trust, relationships, and motivation.

Post-class action steps: With your team, conduct two trust-building activities, facilitate an inclusion discussion, and implement any necessary changes.

Program Details: Building Trust

Program Details

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