Minneapolis Passes Hospitality Worker Right to Recall Ordinance

April 29, 2021
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The City of Minneapolis recently passed the Hospitality Worker Right to Recall Ordinance created to assist hotel and event center workers hoping to be recalled once the industry begins opening up again. Hospitality took the biggest hit during the pandemic and is slowly starting to recover as a result of lifted mask mandates, increased vaccination rates, and looser restrictions on public gatherings.

The Ordinance, effective May 1, 2021, helps ensure that employers prioritize rehiring former employees, which in turn will reduce the need for government-funded benefits and social services. It will also speed economic recovery by equipping the industry with experienced workers.

The Ordinance focuses on hotels and event centers, but the reach extends to any businesses operating within those facilities. For example, if a restaurant rents space within a hotel, that vendor is within the reach of the ordinance. In addition, any business entity operating within a hotel or event center would also be included, such as gift shops or concessions operated by a franchise or company. Temporary vendors, such as catering companies, who do not have control of the facilities are not included.

All three of the following conditions must also apply for a former employee to qualify for protection.

  1. Employed at least 6 months from March 13, 2019, to March 13, 2020 (including at least 80 hours of work performed in the city of Minneapolis),
  2. any lay off occurred after March 13, 2020; and
  3. the lay off was due to lack of business or other non-disciplinary economic reason.

More information can be found in the Q & A provided by the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights.

Source: Minneapolismn.gov