AHTD Strategic Partner

If you have humans...we have resources...

MRA is excited to be a strategic partner for AHTD, providing your organization with HR Solutions for any human resources you need:

  • Recruiting Services
  • Coaching and Team Building
  • Creating Your Own Training University
  • Compensation Services
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Salary Surveys/Benchmarking
  • Employee Engagement
  • New Hire, Stay, and Exit Interviews
  • Variable Pay Plans
  • Leadership Excellence Training
  • HR Audits, Compliance, and
  • Employee Benefits/ Benchmarking
  • Supervision Fundamentals ("Boot Camp")
  • Harassment Prevention
  • Performance Management Systems

Founded in 1901, MRA is a nonprofit employer association that serves more than 4,000 employers, covering more than one million employees worldwide.

As one of the largest employer associations in the nation, MRA helps its member organizations thrive by offering the most comprehensive assortment of HR services, recruiting, talent development, learning and organization development, salary surveys, and compensation planning to help your business build a successful workplace and powerful, well-trained workforce.

Learn how MRA can help you with all your HR needs.

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