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MRA is your one-stop shop for all your HR needs. We’re ready to serve you with over 200 HR experts and all the tools, resources and services you need including: recruiting, employee onboarding and engagement, handbooks and job descriptions, compensation services, salary surveys, training, coaching, team building, and other HR support.

MRA can help you build a successful workplace and a powerful, well-trained workforce.

Ask MRA with Peg Heinen

Hear from one of MRA’s experts on common, yet perplexing, HR questions in this exclusive AHTD video series.

Benefits Beyond the Basics

Basic Benefits = Table Stakes

Competitive Base Pay

Is your base pay competitive?

Out of Sync

Employers and employees are out of sync

Holiday Giving

No good deed goes unpunished

Holiday Party Missteps

How to keep your holiday parties risk free

Tips to Recognition

Tips for meaningful employee recognition

Stay Interviews

Tips for stay and exit interviews

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is not employee satisfaction

Recruiting and Hiring

Recruiting in a Candidate Driven Economy

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MRA is excited to be a Strategic Business Partner for AHTD, providing your organization with HR Solutions for any human resources you need:


Founded in 1901, MRA is a nonprofit employer association that serves more than 4,000 employers, covering more than one million employees worldwide.

As one of the largest employer associations in the nation, MRA helps its member organizations thrive by offering the most comprehensive assortment of HR services, recruiting, talent development, learning and organization development, salary surveys, and compensation planning to help your business build a successful workplace and powerful, well-trained workforce.

Learn how MRA can help you with all your HR needs.

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Peg Heinen

Peg Heinen

Manager, HR Handbooks