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Total Rewards: Compensation Basics

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Essentials of HR Certificate Series

In today's competitive job market, guesswork, your intuition, or a dartboard aren't the answer to establishing a variable compensation strategy. Gain insight into the "best-practice" process used to set pay that is legally defensible, perceived as fair and able to attract, retain, engage, and motivate a high-performing workforce. Explore the role of "total rewards" and obtain an overview from compensation professionals on program communication and administration.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize commonly used compensation phrases and explain which data to use in a survey.
  • Respond to employee questions about their pay.
  • Defend how market pay information helps drive good decisions about employee pay.

This course is a prerequisite for attending the Compensation Program Design: A Workshop program.

Who Should Attend:

Designed for newcomers to HR and those looking to broaden their HR knowledge.

Please bring an electronic device or laptop.

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