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Frontline Leadership Certificate Series

“How quickly can we get this employee up to speed?” It’s a common question with complex and often frustrating answers. When leaders uncover what employees know about a given task, they can more quickly and effectively train the unknown parts of the job. In this course, you will gain training tools and techniques to help employees quickly, efficiently, and effectively gain the skills and knowledge to be successful. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the business benefits of using proper training methods.
  • Recognize and evaluate training needs of employees.
  • Define clear training objectives.
  • Create job breakdowns (aka work instructions, standard operating procedures/SOPs).
  • Apply adult learning principles to design effective employee training.
  • Plan, schedule, and deliver quality training to your employees using a 5-step method.

Who Should Attend:

This series is valuable for both new and experienced frontline leaders from office, manufacturing, and service organizations. These individuals are not officially "management" employees, but provide leadership, direction, or guidance to a work group without the power to hire, fire, promote, or conduct performance reviews.

For new supervisors and managers who have the responsibility to hire, fire, promote, and evaluate performance, the Principles of Leadership Excellence Series is strongly recommended.

Pre-work: If you attend in-person, there is pre-work associated with this program. You will receive details upon registration. If you attend live online, no preparation is required.

Frontline Leadership: Effective Training

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