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Coaching is an intensive one-on-one professional relationship structured to improve the performance of the individual being coached. With the support of a coach, business executives, managers, and supervisors improve their effectiveness, communications, engagement, and accountability with staff. The Coaching Certificate develops advanced coaching skills you'll use to coach your organization's leaders, develop high potentials, and prepare future leaders to meet your business objectives. In this highly interactive, two-day program you'll learn about coaching competencies and best practices, practice your coaching skills, use case studies, and apply the coaching process to real opportunities in your organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the coaching model with managers and senior leaders.
  • Discuss coaching best practices.
  • Create and use development plans in coaching.
  • Develop strategies to handle difficult coaching challenges.
  • Integrate the coachee and coachee's manager with the organization's culture, systems, and business strategies to create a successful coaching engagement.
  • Discuss how to use assessments in determining coachee development needs.
  • Use metrics for tracking coaching results.
  • Discuss components of a coaching culture.

Who Should Attend:

HR, OD, training, and other key business or operational leaders charged with the responsibility of developing talent. The program is for individuals who coach managers and senior leaders throughout the organization and for those who want to focus on integrating coaching into an overall leadership development strategy.

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Program Details

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