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Employee Experience (EX)

Your employees ARE your greatest asset, so their employee experience IS essential!

EX is Essential

MRA employee engagement survey data indicate that only 37% of employees are fully engaged

Employers are spending $720 million to engage employees

There's got to be a better way!

So how do you get your employees engaged? Through a positive employee experience!  When your employees have a positive experience, they will be more engaged and productive in your organization. 

Employee Experience (EX) is an employer’s unique, systematic approach to each employee interaction with your organization throughout the employee life cycle. Your company’s culture, leadership, workspace and technology are the primary drivers of EX.

  • Culture – What your company does and how they do it?
  • Leadership – Is it collaborative, supportive, empowering, hands-off, micro-managing?
  • Technology or tools – Do your employees have what they need to do the work?
  • Work environment – Is it open, flexible, conducive to work, etc.?

EX is a Journey Not a Destination

EX actually begins before an employee even joins your organization. It starts with how you attract potential employees to your organization all the way through the employee life cycle to when they depart your organization.

Many organizations are strong in some areas and may need improvement in other areas.

MRA's Employee Experience Lifecycle

Employee Experience Lifecycle
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Here’s an easy way to learn how and where you can improve your employees’ journey and have the greatest impact on their employee experience. 

Find out where your organization is along the EX journey.
Consideration and Steps


Take the EX Assessment
An MRA Organization Development team member will contact you with your results. 


"Your employees come first. And if you treat employees right, guess what? Your customers come back and that makes your shareholders happy. Start with employees and the rest will follow from that."
—Herb Kelleher, Founder of Southwest Airlines
“How Southwest Airlines Keeps The Romance Alive With Its Customers” by Shep Hyken, Contributor Forbes online March 18, 2018


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