The Young Professional’s Journey

September 05, 2019
Engagement & Retention
Performance Management
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The Young Professional’s Journey

Some say the journey is the reward. But as a young professional, your journey can get complicated when trying to earn respect and gain influence within an organization. And that can be less than rewarding.  


So, this week’s post is aimed at young professionals everywhere. Here are three ways you can make an impact on the future of your organizations, creating a more rewarding journey.

Teach your baby boomer boss how you want to be led. If your supervisor gets how you’re wired to work, you’ll be happier and more engaged, helping with the company’s success. Some mantras to teach the boss:

  • Empowerment not micromanagement
  • Supervise but let us improvise
  • Our intentions have integrity
  • Utilize our skillsets

Develop your leadership skills. Six in 10 millennials (63 percent) say their leadership skills are not being fully developed at work. Change that and you’ll have opportunities to positively impact your company:

  • Get connected with mentors - learn to lead from leaders
  • Encouraging open communication, ethical behavior and inclusiveness makes for the best leaders. Starting these practices now will pay off later

Find ways to promote a culture of purpose, while recognizing the need for the business to be profitable, to grow and to be well-known. Doing what you do for the greater good casts a bright light on the future of any company.

  • Take the opportunity to thank others for their contributions and ideas
  • Start a grassroots effort of employees working together to give back to the community