When Tragedy Strikes

January 30, 2020
Health & Wellness
Disaster Planning
Read time: 2 mins

News reports and social media have been flooded with the recent helicopter crash tragedy, recounting the details of nine young lives lost well before their time. As our nation grieves these losses together and tries to shake off the shock of it all, it brings the fact back around that we don’t know when our time (or someone’s we cherish) here is done.

Most of our lives are chugging along at full speed – working, tending to the kids, caring for older parents, making time for friends, squeezing in hobbies, volunteer commitments – all of it equals full lives and busy brains.

Rocks with Heart

Adding to it are the issues we have bobbling about in our heads. Maybe you’re upset with someone at work for taking credit for your efforts. What about that fight with your partner when some hurtful things were said in the heat of it all? Or are you beating yourself up for being more out of shape than you’re comfortable with?

Now envision, just for a second, something devastating happens. And suddenly, the things that have us upset and mildly obsessing over seem rather pointless.

If there is a positive aspect of a tragic event, it’s that our frenzied lives seem to slow down a bit to be able to take it in. It makes us think about ourselves, how fragile life is and about the people who mean the world to us.

And right now, that’s where we are trying to stay a little longer. Where our issues are newly prioritized. Where we tell the people we love that we love them. If we’re lucky we’ll remember how we felt when hearing the tragic news and carry that mindset with us moving forward.