When Technology Tanks

May 30, 2019
HR Technology
Read time: 2 mins


Salesforce, one of the world’s most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms was out of action last week for 15 hours, leaving people across North America and Europe unable to do their jobs. This has us thinking about what happens when technology fails. Our lives are so intertwined with the online world that not having access to it seems unfathomable. So, we’ve come up with five things you can do at work when technology issues crop up - and still be productive.

1.       Catch up on your correspondence. A sincere, hand-written thank you note to a client for their business feels really good to do. And it feels even better to receive.

2.       Organize it. You know the top left drawer of your desk? The one that’s a hot mess? Clean it out. It will make you happy every time you need to find something in it, which is all the time.

3.       Dream a little dream.  Spend some time thinking (and writing down) how you wish things were at work, and how you can get there. Is it more responsibility or a new role in the company? Take this opportunity to think about it, not just letting it flash through your mind in between tasks.

4.       Read a book. So many great publications out there in your field, and so little time. Now’s the perfect occasion to start that one you’ve been meaning to.

5.       Go take a hike. Grab a co-worker and start walking. Whether outside or around the building, it’s a healthy choice that will have you feeling better, both physically and mentally.