Time for a Tune-Up?

March 03, 2021
Health & Wellness
Read time: 2 mins

We aren’t talking about the minivan or the furnace - it is your Occupational Wellness that may be needing some attention. 

Think about your enjoyment and fulfillment at work. Then, consider the balance between your career and the other facets of your life. If these two things are out of whack, it is time for a tune-up.


Here are a few tools to help you make an overhaul on your occupational wellness:

  • Find meaningful work. It represents something different for everyone. What inspires you? What drives you to be better? Maybe it’s helping those less fortunate or working for an organization that gives back to their community. Consider a role in a non-profit or an organization with a rewarding culture. 
  • Set professional goals. They don’t have to be super specific (unless you already know what you want to accomplish). When you write down career goals, you’re more likely to visualize what you want for the future, which fuels your motivation and clarity to achieve them.
  • Genuinely like who you work with. You spend a lot of time with your co-workers, so having a good relationship with them matters. Well-liked colleagues provide the emotional and psychological support to get through the days that are tough.
  • Learn and grow. Does your company offer and support your personal development? Take advantage of every opportunity to enroll in a class or be coached. Look for professional clubs that interest you. You will learn new things and meet people in your field while growing your network.
  • See change as a positive thing. Change can be good. New responsibilities, upskilling, or reskilling can help you develop professionally and open the door to workplace satisfaction and engagement, upping the ante on your occupational wellness.

While a lot of the reasoning behind occupational wellness makes sense, it’s not always easy to accomplish. Being in a job you don’t like because you feel stuck or it pays the bills is not uncommon. But it doesn’t have to hold you back. Getting your occupational wellness running smoothly is better for your mind, body, and spirit.

Do what you love, and you’ll love what you do.