Taking Time to Learn From Others

July 15, 2020
Read time: 2 mins

Because sitting down in a room with a group of colleagues isn’t really a thing right now, MRA created Peer Learning Circles. These one-hour virtual sessions speak to one of the many challenges hitting the business world right now.

Here’s how they work: A subject matter expert fills you in on the topic for 15 minutes and then you and your peers have 45 minutes in a facilitated conversation to learn how others are dealing with the same issues.

Time to Learn

As it turns out, people love these sessions. So, we thought we’d share that love and blog about the top tips learned at our recent COVID Recovery Peer Learning Circles. Here’s what was discussed.

  • Employers are thinking about things like remote work, extra paid time off, appreciation pay, and temperature checks. Will these be temporary or will they last for the foreseeable future? They are asking themselves:
  1. What’s working?
  2. What fits the culture?
  3. What’s financially doable?
  4. What does each state require?
  5. What will be best for employees AND the organization?
  • Job candidates are not sugar-coating their concerns for workplace safety. They are asking what employers are doing to keep people protected. They are also asking about remote work and higher salaries. You should be updating your website with information that covers these concerns as well as showcase what you’ve been doing to support employees during the pandemic.
  • It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that employee engagement is talked about often in the learning circles. Employers have been trying to connect with their workers through things like COVID Care packages, virtual social hours, trivia contests, gift certificates…all designed to lift the morale of workers either on-site or virtual. The biggest surprise: employees like bingo (who knew?). Now the challenge is continuing to keep things fresh. Employee “culture clubs” may be the answer. Not sure? Ask your team what would help keep them motivated and engaged, and then act on it.
  • Making sure employees understand the business conditions behind pay decisions is critical. Some employers have frozen pay, others have delayed increases. And be prepared to explain big purchases happening at the same time as frozen wages. Pay equity reviews are being discussed as more employers want to address any unintentional disparities among race and gender.

Do Peer Learning Circles sound like your cup of tea? If so, there are more opportunities to hear what your colleagues are doing coming up in July and August. The topic will be diversity, equity and inclusion.

Let’s keep the conversations going so we can continue to help and learn from one another.