School Day Dilemma?

August 29, 2019
Engagement & Retention
Read time: 2 mins

Living in the Midwest, we enjoy four beautiful seasons. Fall brings with it cooler temps, football and of course back to school. Depending on your point of view, you’re either heartbroken to see the kids go or you’re doing a happy dance.

Does the kid-free day have you wondering what to do with your time? A sense of purpose is important. Maybe that’s raising kids. Or having a high-profile career. Maybe it’s something in between. Are you thinking about ramping up your work hours or scaling them back? Have you left the workforce for a while and want to get back in it? Are you looking at a career change? Here are some points to ponder:


Know yourself.

  • Do you crave an active day or is your mantra “less is more”?
  • Does the thought of alone time excite you or bum you out?
  • What about being on someone else’s schedule?

You can ease into it.

  • Is full-time overwhelming to think about? Start with a part-time job.
  • Look for work that offers flextime. Having a schedule that fits your life is a bonus, and many companies offer it.
  • Consider a work-from-home job. Getting paid to work in your stretchy pants on the couch is a sweet deal.

Being organized helps.

  • Create a family calendar: On it goes everything – practices, games, appointments. Knowing what’s coming your way will help you manage the day.
  • Make a list: You think you’ll remember to stop at the bank and return that book to the library, but why chance it? Write it down.

Tackle chores the night before.

  • Pack the kids' lunches
  • Pick out their clothes
  • Know what’s for breakfast
  • Have the kids’ backpacks ready to go

The time is right.

  • We all know about the talent shortage. While it stinks for employers, people looking for a job don’t have to look far. It’s a good time to put that education to work or try something new. You have options.

As with most things in life, any decision you make has its pros and cons. Does this change of season call for a change for you?