Say What?!

January 10, 2020
Read time: 2 mins

“You won’t believe what Natalie just said.”  


Every workplace has a Natalie. That person who doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that there are things you should never talk about at work. Here’s a list of workplace discussions that are serious no-nos.

Sex. It seems super obvious that this shouldn’t be discussed at work, but it still is. Don’t divulge cringe-worthy, private information or even hint around the topic of sex. It’s the reason sexual harassment laws were created after all.

Body parts. Not sex, body parts. Like that huge rash on your leg or the infected cut on your foot. It’s gross and no one wants to know about it.

Body functions. Feeling gassy and uncomfortable after that big lunch?  “I want to hear all about it” … said no one ever.

Religion. Who and what you believe in (or don’t) isn’t workplace talk. Neither is proselytizing - it’s a fancy word for being preachy to convert someone.

What things cost. How much you paid for your car, what your house is worth or the great deal you got on that gorgeous new handbag should be between you and your bank account. Your money, your business.

Offensive jokes. What someone doesn’t find offensive another person does - It can be a slippery slope. If it could be racist, sexist, ageist or generally disrespectful, don’t do it.

Politics. Who you voted for and what side you are on can send people into fits of rage. It’s a conversation that has the serious potential to end badly.

Co-workers. Work is hard enough without people talking poorly about someone on the team. Don’t say negative things about people at the office. It’s not cool and gossip like that spreads like wildfire.

Family Issues. No one needs to know that your partner overspent at the casino (again) and you suspect a fling with the blackjack dealer based on the dirty texts you just discovered. Co-workers won’t know how to respond to these relationship issues, but an Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) would. Using that resource is a much better choice.