Getting Paid to Provide Aid

June 14, 2019
Total Rewards
Read time: 2 mins

A recently published MRA survey unearthed that 85 percent of companies will pay employees for a full day’s work once a year to volunteer in their communities. Wow, we thought, 85 percent! So, we asked around to colleagues and friends and found out that many (many) people aren’t taking advantage of this community-building perk. We get it. Life is busy. And questions pop into our minds like where should I volunteer? And a day of my time will hardly make a difference, right?

The thing is, establishments of all shapes and sizes need people to jump in and share the workload. A day of your time, or even a few hours, would really benefit organizations as they help those who need it the most.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking where you could spend a day doing fulfilling community service, and if you’re in the majority, your company will pay you for it.

Give Back

Do any of these options speak to you?

  • Your kid’s school. There are always so many activities where schools need extra hands to help the kiddos out.
  • Love animals? Local animal rescue shelters would so appreciate having your support with running the office and caring for the animals. (And you can get some snuggles in all day long).
  • Is cooking your thing? Volunteer at a food pantry/soup kitchen and whip up some delicious food for those who are unable to do it for themselves. We guarantee you’ll be as satisfied as those you serve.
  • Channel your inner book worm. Libraries need all kinds of assistance organizing shelves and assisting patrons, setting up public events (think author signings and book fairs). If you’re feeling creative, they may need you to design flyers and ads. Sharing the love of reading is always a good thing.
  • Bingo! Many assisted living facilities have a bingo night (or a game night), crafts, regular outings, salon days, specific classes and activities of all sorts that fit the bill for something you love to do - all while bringing joy to the lives of our communities’ seniors.

So, let’s look at our calendars and block off a day to be a part of something bigger. We bet that it’ll be one of the best workdays of the year.