The Employee Experience

January 24, 2020
Engagement & Retention
Recruiting & Hiring
Read time: 2 mins

The Employee Experience. Three words that have been slathered all over HR publications and articles in the last year. Why? Because it seems to be a way to woo people to work for you or charm them to stay.

And it makes sense. If your employees’ experience is a good one, they’ll want to keep on working for you.

Employee Experience

So, what’s the special sauce that makes for a good employee experience? Here are some pointers that your organization should consider doing if it’s not already happening.

  • Be honest during recruitment­. That means telling it like it really is when it comes to the job duties and the work environment. Employees will figure it out fast enough and wonder what else you aren’t telling them.
  • Care (a lot) about onboarding. Be thorough, don’t rush it when showing employees the ropes. Think: lots of quality time and positive energy.
  • While at work, pay attention to what matters to your employees. (Research shows that employees who find meaning and purpose at work stay longer). If someone wants to bring his or her dog to work or have a four-day workweek, give it a go if at all possible.
  • And when it’s an employee’s time to say goodbye, make sure it’s a positive split. Employees who move on in a respectful way means they will likely say good things about their ex-workplace.

Need proof that this employee experience thing is a good idea? Here’s what we are seeing employers high fiving over when they put in the effort:

  • The recruiting process is more successful - often with higher offer acceptance rates and less time to fill positions.
  • Better onboarding = better retention.
  • A smooth and rewarding employee experience gives time back to managers. And who doesn’t want more time?
  • A happy employee is an engaged employee.