Wisconsin Banking Industry Compensation and Benefits Survey

The Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) partnered with MRA to provide unique insights into Wisconsin’s banking industry through the Wisconsin Banking Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey.

Survey participants and key stakeholders have access to:

  • Easy-to-understand, usable and meaningful data critical for making compensation decisions.
  • Survey results via MRA's dynamic On-Demand Salary Tool. This versatile resource allows you to create and download your own personalized salary reports with the data you need.
  • On-Demand Salary Tool

    MRA’s On-Demand Salary Tool

    Powered by PeriscopeIQ

    WBA On-Demand Salary Tool

    You can obtain the exact combination of salary data you want by choosing simple cuts, multiple cuts or data roll-ups for any of the following:

    • Job
    • Job family
    • Geographic region
    • Asset Size
    • Number of FTE’s
  • Instructions


    On-Demand Salary Tool Instructions

    1. Begin by selecting the “data cut” you want to explore.
    2. a. A single cut lets you specify just a single value for each of the parameters available.
      b. A multi-cut allows you to choose more than one of the options. Select multiple fields by holding down the control key.
    3. Then you have a number of choices to select the data that meets your needs. Consider job, location, asset size and number of FTE’s. (Remember the “multi-cut” screen allows you to roll up demographics by holding the control key. Or you can check “include all selections.”)
    4. a. Select a state in this case there is only one option – Wisconsin.
      b. Then, you will see the drop down list to select the job family or jobs you want.
      c. Choose one of five geographic regions.
      d. Select the appropriate Asset size for a bank. Scroll, depending on the number of options in the list.
      e. Review number of FTE’s who work at the location.
    5. On the Control Panel (upper left), there is a feature that lets you age data.
    6. You can select whether or not to age the data and control the aging parameters depending upon the time lag between the effective date of the survey data and when you want to apply it to compensation decisions. Set the percent that fits the desired geographic area.
    7. The top of the online data cut shows the parameters you selected so you can print the page and retain valuable information.
    8. a. The reports are straightforward.
      b. In the drop down, select your format. Then “Export.” If you want to print what you have, select the print icon to print to a PDF file.
      WBA On-Demand Salary Tool

    c. The same Anti-Trust guidelines that apply to reporting of the data applies to the On-Demand Salary Tool Reports. If you set parameters too tightly, you may end up with a report that has some “holes” in it. Simply scroll to the bottom of the screen, click the back button, and adjust the parameters you have set.

    We hope you find the interactive survey tool helpful and intuitive. If you do have any questions, feel free to call MRA at 800.488.4845. Ask for the Survey Department, extension 3508.

  • Report PDF

    View the Report PDF

    Wisconsin Banking Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey

    Conducted by: MRA - The Management Association

    Published: June 2018

    Sponsored by: Wisconsin Bankers Association

  • Demo Video

    Demo Video

    View a brief video on MRA's Online On-Demand Salary Tool.

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