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Strategic Selling


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Some industries have small territories and limited customer bases, which makes an exceptional sales approach crucial for maximizing the number of prospects. Others are more complex, requiring a longer selling cycle. So sales representatives must quickly determine which accounts warrant their time and the key influencers who can help them navigate to the right decision makers. Spend class time repositioning your approach, and demonstrate the unique value you bring to the sales relationship.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the differences between strategic versus transactional sales approaches.
  • Develop a powerful value proposition that catches the ear of prospects.
  • Learn ways to obtain and interpret crucial information, including trends.
  • Read between the lines in public and private data sources.
  • Determine when an account does not belong on an A-list.
  • Get to the right people versus stalling out elsewhere.
  • Make an interactive presentation versus public speaking.
  • Deal with roadblocks and redirecting.
  • Determine next steps and resources available.

Who Should Attend:

Sales reps with longer selling cycles, large/national accounts, limited territories, a narrow or specialized prospect base, and lengthier quota periods.

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