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Recruiting in a High-Demand Market

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The war for talent is over, and the candidates won! It's time to think differently about how to recruit in today's competitive, candidate-driven market. Fill your open positions faster and more successfully by learning which platforms are most effective for recruiting, sourcing, and employer branding, while spotlighting your unique culture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Position the realities of the market supply/demand to hiring managers so you can lay out a win-win solution for filling your roles.
  • Discover how to promote a strong employer brand through your employer profile.
  • Explore practical tips to ensure candidates have a positive experience with your recruiting and hiring process.
  • Discover the best job boards—what are your options?
  • Examine what selection criteria make sense for your organization.
  • Write powerful, compelling job postings to attract the right candidates.

Who Should Attend:

HR professionals, HR managers, recruiters, and recruiting managers.

Recruiting in a High-Demand Market

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